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Working RE Magazine is the #1 source of real estate appraiser information and appraisal news. We are committed to reporting relevant and timely appraisal news for real estate appraisers nationwide. Working RE is the only appraiser magazine that is delivered to the majority of the industry in print and is published quarterly. We pride ourselves in providing real estate appraisers up-to-date information and news about what is happening in the appraisal industry.

Working RE – Real Estate Appraiser Magazine – Appraiser News

Working RE Magazine is the most widely distributed real estate appraiser magazine and the premier source of appraisal news and information in the country. Publishing honest and timely information for real estate appraisers is our goal. Now in our 20th year, Working RE Magazine is published to help appraisers build their businesses, reduce their risk of liability and stay informed on important appraisal technology and industry issues.

Working RE Magazine

Current Issue Fall 2022
Issue 60 Issue 60
The Winter/Spring 2023 edition of WorkingRE is mailing now.

Stories Include:
Surviving the Slowdown
What’s New at the VA? Interview with VA’s Chief Appraiser
The Danger Zone
Market Update: How Slow Are We Really?
Sin of the Past Are Back to Haunt Appraisers
Recession Proof Your Business
The State Appraisal Board Wants to Throw Me Under the Bus, Right?
Appraisal Quality: 6 Tips for Success in 2023
Appraisal Disciplinary Levels and Their Consequences

The Fall edition of WorkingRE was mailed in August.

Stories Include:
Navigating a Changing Market
Killed by Carbon Monoxide: Appraiser Blamed
Questions Appraisers Have on Desktop Appraisals
ADUs and What’s In It for You?
Long Have Appraisers Been Told
Insurance IQ: What is BIPD?
Let’s Confer
Indemnification Clauses: What Appraisers Should Know
Excess or Surplus Land: Which Is It?
VA as a Model for the Industry
Professional Marketplace

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Appraisal News

Working RE also publishes a bi-monthly appraisal newsletter covering the latest real estate appraiser news and providing valuable information on latest changes in the appraisal industry.

Appraisal News:
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May 31 Concessions, Kickbacks, and the Appraiser’s Nightmare
May 17 Non-Lending Appraisal Assignments: Interview with Joshua Walitt
April 28 Byron Miller: AI Candidate with a Vision for the Future
April 13 Grassroots Lobbying 101: How Appraisers Can Effect Change
April 5 The Danger Zone
March 22 Appraiser Disciplinary Levels and Their Consequences
March 8 The State Appraisal Board Wants to Throw Me Under the Bus, Right?
February 22 Surviving the Slowdown
January 30 Appraiser Countersues Black Plaintiffs Who Alleged Discrimination
January 26 Appraisal Bias? The Inconvenient Truth of a Flawed Report
January 11 Recession Proof Your Business Using The Mindset Spectrum
December 7 Appraisal Quality: 6 Tips for Success in 2023
November 16 Sins of the Past Are Back to Haunt Appraisers
November 10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
October 25: What’s New at the VA: Interview With VAs Chief Appraiser
October 12: Long Have Appraisers Been Told
September 27: Killed by Carbon Monoxide: Appraiser Blamed
September 13: Navigating a Changing Market
August 21: ADUs and What’s in It for You?
August 7: Excess or Surplus Land: What’s the Difference? 
July 27: Let’s Confer
July 13: Indemnification Clauses: What Appraisers Should Know
July 6: If You Call a Dog’s Tail a Leg
June 29: VA as a Model for the Industry 
June 15: Time is of the Essence
May 31: Desktop Appraisals: Interview with Fannie Mae
May 24: Grappling with Desktop Appraisals
May 11: Appraising in a “Crazy” Market
April 20: Insurance IQ: What is BIPD?
April 13: Profiling an Up-and-Coming (New) Appraiser
April 6: Prepare for Change: 2022
April 1: The Path That Brought us Here
March 9: Miller Responds to Discrimination Lawsuit 
February 23: First Discrimination Lawsuit: What It Means for Appraisers
February 18: Desktop Appraisals—-What are They and Will You Do Those Assignments?
February 9: ANSI: I’ll Tell You What You Can Do With This ANSI Stuff!
January 19: Desktop Appraisal to Become the New Norm
January 4: Appraisal Discrimination Claims on the Rise
December 14: Wealth and Why
November 29: Insurance IQ: Defining Professional Services
November 17: Skapinetz Wins Against Coester VMS
November 3: GSE Buybacks and Remediation Letters
October 27: Tips for Training New Appraisers
October 6: Racial Bias in Real Estate—Is It the Appraiser’s Fault?
September 29: Stairway to Confusion
September 22: Spotlight on Appraiser Capacity During the Pandemic
September 8: Congress Takes Aim at Discrimination in Real Estate
August 11: 2021 Fee Survey Results
July 14: Discrimination in Appraisals
July 7: Valuing Land When There Are Few or No Vacant Land Sales
June 14: What I Learned from Drug Dealers
June 8: Driving Comps: The Great Debate
June 1: Has Appraising Failed the Public Good?
May 18: Good for Business
May 12: Appraisal Waivers: The Future is Here
April 14: The Effect of COVID-19 on Appraisal Volume
April 7: Institutional Memory and Appraiser Firms
March 31: Solar: The Future is Bright
March 24: How to Fight Blacklisting
March 10: Are You Smiling Yet? (you will)
March 3: Dealing with a Subpoena
February 24: Why Comp Photos?
February 10: Original Comp Photos: Dangerous, Unnecessary
January 20: Appraisal Fees on the Move
January 6: Appraisers Helping Appraisers
December 16: USPAP: A Living (and Changing) Document – Part 2
December 9 USPAP: A Living (and Changing) Document – Part 1
October 20: The Human Being Business
September 16: COVID-19 Appraisal Risk Management
August 26: Institutional Memory and Appraisal Firms
August 12: Have You Reviewed These Sales? (Part 2)
July 29: Fannie Mae’s New Highest and Best Use
July 15: Wisdom of Crowds
July 8: Insurance IQ: Reading Your Policy
June 24: Reconsiderations of Value and What to Do About Them
June 17: Building an Appraisal Niche: High-End Appraisal Work
June 10: Interview with VA’s Chief Appraiser
June 3: Appraisers Speak Out: Full Bifurcated Appraisal Results
May 27: Appraising During a Pandemic
May 13: When Loans Go Bad: Preparing for the Next Wave
April 15: Financial Relief extends to E&O Insurance
April 8: Risky Business: Why Lenders Continue to Demand Interior Inspections
March 30: Interior Inspections: Tough Choices for Appraisers
March 23: FHFA Directive on Interior Appraisal Inspections
March 20: Appraisers and Coronavirus
March 18: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion and Resources for Appraisers
March 11: Appraiser’s Changing Role
February 25: Building a Secure Appraisal Business
February 18: Fannie Mae and the Future: Recruiting New Appraisers
February 11: Thriving in a Post-FIRREA World
February 4: New Construction Assignments- Rising Demand
January 30: Listening to Appraisers
December 11, 2019: VA Issues Guidance on Bifurcated Appraisals
November 13, 2019: Turn and Face the Strain… an Appraiser’s Life
November 8, 2019: FHFA Puts Brakes on Fannie’s Bifurcated Program
October 22, 2019: Appraisal Fee Transparency Act of 2019: Pivotal Point for Appraisers
October 11, 2019: Congress Wakes Up?
October 2, 2019: Conservation Easements
September 25, 2019: Bifurcated Appraising
September 18, 2019: Roadmap for Survival
September 4, 2019: Appraising “Bifurcated”
August 28, 2019: Why “Bifurcated” Won’t Work
August 21, 2019: De Minimus Raised
August 7, 2019: A Spreadsheet Solution For Estimating GLA Adjustments
July 31, 2019: Comparing Hybrid Appraisals with a 1004 Report
July 24, 2019: Street Art Is Real Estate: What Appraisers Need to Know
July 10, 2019: Marijuana Appraisals: Still Hazy
July 3, 2019: Coester Loses Appraiser Lawsuit
June 26, 2019: Come Together
June 19, 2019: Importance of Right of Way Assignments
June 5, 2019: Caring For Your Biggest Investment
May 29, 2019: Illinois Board Issues Warning on Hybrid Appraisals
May 22, 2019: Business Valuations: Diversifying Your Appraisal Business
May 8, 2019: Fannie Mae Plans Massive Changes to Appraisal Process
April 23, 2019: Five Ways To Be More Efficient
April 17, 2019: The Power of Praise
April 3, 2019: My Complaint with Complaints
March 27, 2019: Coester AMC Out of Business, Appraisers Unpaid
March 20, 2019: Appraisal Regulatory Modernization: Idea Whose Time Has Come
March 6, 2019: Keys to Business Success in 2019
February 20, 2019: OREP Risk Management Q&A: How to Disclose and Adjust for Carcinogens
January 29, 2019: Private Appraisal Work, The Final Frontier
January 23, 2019: Persistent Appraisal Failures: Part 1
January 9, 2019: Digital Transformation of the Appraisal Industry
December 28, 2018: Insurance Happy Ending
December 19, 2018: Explaining Your Adjustments
December 12, 2018: Paired Sales Using Percentage Adjustments and No Recent Sales
November 28, 2018: Kübler-Ross and the Certified Letter
November 7, 2018: What does “Misleading” Mean?
October 24, 2018: Uberrimae Fidei (what?)
October 17, 2018: Risk of Land Volatility
October 10, 2018: Being the Connected Appraiser— Building Business with Connected Tools
October 3, 2018: Understanding Competency
September 19, 2018: A Very Credible Napkin
September 12, 2018: Talking Fees and Antitrust
September 7, 2018: Professionals Bill by the Hour
August 22, 2018: It’s Just a Machine….
August 7, 2018: Big Data, Big Risk?
August 1, 2018: Certifications: Understanding What You’re Signing
July 25, 2018: Risk Management Corner
July 11, 2018: Market Update: Interest Rates and Appraisal Volume
June 27, 2018: Hybrid Appraisals and Risk Management
June 20, 2018: Applying USPAP Fairly in a Review
June 6, 2018: Desktop Appraisals: Risk and Reward
May 30, 2018: Are You Committing Appraisal Fraud?
May 23, 2018: So You Want To Sell Your Appraisal Business?
May 2, 2018: I Can’t…Therefore it’s Not Possible
April 25, 2018: Why Appraisers Need Uniform, Federal Enforcement of USPAP
April 18, 2018: Common Appraisal Errors (Part 2)
April 4, 2018: Mobile Appraising: “But I Can’t See That Little Red Dot!”
March 28, 2018: Changing Markets
March 21, 2018: Transitioning Into Non-Lender Work
March 12, 2018: Appraisal Waivers Up for Key Vote
March 7, 2018: Cultural & Religious Effects on Value
February 21, 2018: Big Changes to College Degree, Experience Requirements
February 7, 2018: How Can Appraisers Thrive?
January 31, 2018: Navigating Hybrid Appraisals
January 24, 2018: Choices are Good
January 10, 2018: AQB Considers Changes to College Degree, Experience Requirements (Again)
November 29, 2017: Accommodation of Personal Interest
November 29, 2017: Adjustments: Sample Size, Relevance and Credible Solutions
November 15, 2017: Preparing for Your Deposition
November 8, 2017: How Much Value Does That Extra Bedroom Add? (Understanding Regression)
October 25, 2017: Solve Problems, Don’t Just Answer Questions
October 18, 2017: Have You Talked to Another Appraiser Lately?
October 11, 2017: Beyond USPAP?
Sept. 27, 2017: 2017 Fee Survey: Analyzing the Data
Sept. 13, 2017: Mentoring Fellow Appraisers
August 30, 2017: Lenders (and AMCs) Responsible for Appraisal Quality?
August 16, 2017: One Easy Trick to Get More Work
August 2, 2017: Fannie Mae’s Top Appraiser On the Future
July 26, 2017: PACE Financing: What Appraisers Should Know
July 19, 2017: Why Fannie Mae Shouldn’t Keep Data Secret
July 5, 2017: Facebook AND Face to Face Marketing
June 21, 2017: Appraiser’s Life: How Busy Are You?
June 7, 2017: Appraisers, Dentists, and Antitrust Law
June 2, 2017: Louisiana Appraisal Board: Anti-Competitive?
May 24, 2017: Fungible
May 10, 2017: AVMs to Finally Replace Appraisers?
May 8, 2017: Appraiser Q&A- Supporting Adjustments
April 26, 2017: I Messed Up (Really!)
April 12, 2017: 2017 Tech Insights
March 22, 2017: AQB Digs In: College Degree, Experience Requirements to Change
March 1, 2017: AMC Fined for Removing Appraiser from Panel
February 15, 2017: Express Yourself
February 1, 2017: Fees Rising! (New Fee Survey asks how much)
January 18, 2017: Appraiser Shortage or Just Fed Up?
January 4, 2017: Training Success Stories
December 28: Customary and Reasonable: Measuring the New Normal
December 14, 2016: Common Appraisal Errors
December 7, 2016: Insurance IQ: Driving to Work
November 30, 2016: Sharpening Skills: Are Granny Flats Undervalued?
November 16, 2016: Drones for Appraisal Use
November 9, 2016: What’s Your (Appraisal) Problem?
October 26, 2016: Latest AQB Proposal on College Degree, Experience Requirements
October 12, 2016: Disciplinary Process – How It Works, Your Rights & Likely Outcomes
September 28, 2016: Too Busy? Turning Away Work? Get Help!
September 21, 2016: Do Your Math (and Raise Your Fees)
September 14, 2016: Training the Next Generation
September 7, 2016: Five Steps to Growing an Appraisal Firm
August 31, 2016: Dispelling Myth of Appraiser Shortage
August 24, 2016: Making Case for an Appraiser’s Judgment
August 17, 2016: How Do you Tell an Appraiser from an Agent?
August 3, 2016: Insurance IQ
July 27, 2016: A Little Marketing Here and There
July 20, 2016: Extraordinary Assumption or Hypothetical Condition?
July 6, 2016: Real Estate Fraud – What’s an Appraiser to Do?
June 22, 2016: Time Adjustments
June 15, 2016: TAF Considers Skipping Experience Requirement
June 8, 2016: Time Has Come Today
June 1, 2016: True Cost of Low Appraisal Fees
May 19, 2016: AQB Proposes Alternative to College Degree Requirement
May 11, 2016: Repurchase Demands and Unacceptable Appraisal Practices – Part 2
April 27, 2016: Words That Matter
April 13, 2016: Future of Appraisers Survey
March 30, 2016: College Degree Requirement Misguided
March 16, 2016: Wash. AMC Fails, Leaves Appraisers Unpaid
March 11, 2016: Repurchase Demands and Unacceptable Appraisal Practices – Part 1
March 2, 2016: Late Appraisal: USPAP Violation?
February 17: The Decline of Appraisers
February 10, 2016: Legal Doom
February 3, 2016: Appraisers Win $36 Million Class Action
January 27, 2016: Getting Neighborhood Description Right
January 22, 2016: AMC Fined Over C&R Fees
January 20, 2016: Working Well with AMCs
January 6, 2016: USPAP: Shifting (Quick) Sand for Appraisers
December 21, 2015: Wildfires and Appraisers
December 8, 2015: Search Parameters and the Best Comparables
November 24, 2015: Mapping for Success with Google
November 23, 2015: Giving Thanks (and Giving Back) to Our Veterans
November 13, 2015: Incorrect Reporting of Sales & Listing Data in Appraisal Reports
November 10, 2015: Contributory Market Value Riddle
November 4, 2015: What the Appraisal Foundation Thinks
October 30, 2015: Appraiser/Whistleblower Wins $85 Million
October 28, 2015: Understanding USPAP – Part Three: SR-2
October 14, 2015: Claims, Complaints and E&O Insurance
September 30, 2015: Future of Valuation
September 25, 2015: Observe, Analyze and Report- In that Order
September 16, 2015: What Appraisers Keep Getting Wrong
September 9, 2015: TRID: What’s It Mean for Appraisers?
September 2, 2015: Why Your Words Matter (in your appraisal)
August 26, 2015: Appraiser Landmark $36 Million Settlement with BoA
August 19, 2015: Appraising Lake Property
August 10, 2015: Facing License Denial, Coester Sues Virginia Board
August 5, 2015: How Much Are You Worth?
July 29, 2015: What if it Can’t be Supported? Your Value as a Local Expert
July 22, 2015: Understanding USPAP Part 2: SR – 1
July 1, 2015: Road to Supporting Value: Ranking & Reconciliation
June 17, 2015: Are You a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Appraiser?
June 8, 2015: First Enforcement of C&R Fee Provision: Louisiana Makes History
June 3, 2015: Bank’s Letter to Appraiser Started Off With…
May 20, 2015: Appraisers Entitled to Overtime, Court Holds
May 11, 2015: Blacklisting Lawsuit Continues
May 6, 2015: Supporting Market Conditions Adjustments
April 27, 2015: Lies, Damn Lies… and FMNA ‘statistics’
April 22, 2015: Appraising with Regression
April 8, 2015: AMC’s – Bridge Too Far?
March 25, 2015: Understanding USPAP – The Preamble
March 11, 2015: Extracting an Adjustment – One Way To Measure
February 25, 2015: Appraiser Efficiency in the New World of CU
February 11, 2015: Life After the New CU System
February 3, 2015: Collateral Underwriter: First Feedback
January 27, 2015: Taking Success Into My Own Hands
January 20, 2015: Collateral Underwriter – Too Much Too Soon
January 14, 2015: Fannie Mae Warning Letters on the Rise
December 17, 2014: Oregon Board Sanctions AMC
December 3, 2014: USPAP, Retrospective Appraisals and the Titanic
November 19, 2014: Troubling Times at Fannie Mae
November 5, 2014: Case Closed: Appeal Dropped in ESA/Chase Bankruptcy
October 29, 2014: Appraisers, AMCs & Building Bridges
October 22, 2014: Complaints: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
October 8, 2014: Adjustments: Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
September 24, 2014: Review Appraisal Liability
September 17, 2014: HUD Blacklisting: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
September 10, 2014: Appraisal Board Sanctions AMC for Late Payment
August 27, 2014: Highest and Best Use Analysis
August 20, 2014: Board Complaints: You Can’t Fight City Hall…Or Can You?
August 13, 2014: Blacklisted for Refusing Low Fees
July 31, 2014: 12,346 Appraisal Failures Every Week
July 22, 2014: Green Building – How Can We Know Value?
July 16, 2014: Court Certifies Class and Approves Nationwide Class Settlement for Review Appraisers
July 2, 2014: Overseas AMC Staff: Could I Speak to “Villiam?”
June 18, 2014: So You Want to Increase Business…
June 4, 2014: Trainees, Employees and How to Build a Business
May 28, 2014: State Board Moves to Curb Frivolous Complaints
May 21, 2014: Training the Future
April 30, 2014: We Need to Do What? Verifying AMC Licensing
April 23, 2014: Smoking Gun Allows Appraiser to Sue over Blacklisting
April 9, 2014: New Pressure: Agents Filing Complaints
March 26, 2014: Importance of Good Scope of Work
March 21, 2014: “Paperless” Appraising
March 12, 2014: Fannie Mae’s “Do Not Use” List
February 26, 2014: Top 5 Questions Asked of Appraisers and How to Answer
February 13, 2014: You Only Have to Make 700+/- Decisions in the Next Six Hours
February 5, 2014: Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints
January 26, 2014: Victory for Customary and Reasonable Fees in Louisiana
January 16, 2014: OCC: Lenders Responsible for AMCs
January 1, 2014, 2014: Beware of Consent Decrees
December 27, 2013: Positive Resolution to Chase Blacklisting Saga
December 18, 2013: “Low Bid” Appraisal – AMC Rebuttal
December 4, 2013: “Low Bid” Appraisal Ordering and Its Effect on Quality
November 27, 2013: Conversation with Fannie Mae
November 19, 2013: Feds to Reconsider Customary and Reasonable Fees – Maybe

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