Essential Car Supplies for Home Inspectors


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Essential Car Supplies for Home Inspectors

 by Kristine Gerber, Inspector Toolbelt

Being a home inspector often means spending long hours on the road, visiting various properties, and conducting thorough inspections. You may find yourself sometimes rushing to get in your car and off to your next appointment. But do you really have everything you need?

To ensure a smooth and efficient inspection process, it’s essential to have a well-equipped car. In this article, we will explore a variety of items that every home inspector should carry in their vehicle to stay prepared for any situation that may arise. Perhaps you may find some you didn’t think of!

Toilet Paper
This is a vitally important item. The reality is that home inspectors find themselves doing inspections out in the boonies or at abandoned houses without proper plumbing. Don’t find yourself in an emergency situation without toilet paper!

Water and Snacks
Home inspections can be physically demanding, especially during hot or busy days. Staying hydrated and energized is crucial for maintaining focus and providing quality service to clients. Always keep a supply of bottled water and non-perishable snacks like granola bars, nuts, or fruit in your car. These items will help you stay refreshed and prevent energy dips during inspections.

Emergency Kit
Safety should be a top priority for any home inspector. An emergency kit is essential for handling unexpected situations. The kit should include items such as first aid supplies, a flashlight, a multi-tool with a knife and pliers, extra batteries, a whistle, and a reflective vest. Additionally, consider including basic over-the-counter medications for headaches or minor pains.

Spare Tire and Tools
A flat tire can happen at any time, and being stuck on the side of the road can disrupt your schedule and inspection appointments. Ensure your car is equipped with a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. Regularly check the tire pressure to avoid any surprises on the road.

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Full Tank of Gas
Before starting your inspection rounds, make it a habit to fill your car’s gas tank. Having a full tank will prevent any unnecessary delays during inspections and keep you on track with your busy schedule.

Extra Clothing
Accidents happen, and being prepared for them is essential. Keep an extra set of clothes in your car, including a clean shirt, in case of any spills or stains. Not only will this help maintain a professional appearance during your inspections, but it will also keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Technology Essentials
As a home inspector, you rely on technology to document your findings and communicate with clients. Always carry fully charged devices, such as your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, along with charging cables and a portable power bank. This way, you can ensure you have access to your inspection reports, scheduling, and communication tools at all times.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
In certain situations, you may encounter hazardous conditions or materials during inspections. It’s essential to prioritize your safety by carrying personal protective equipment like gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask. These items will protect you from potential health risks and ensure you can confidently handle any inspection scenario.

Business Cards and Marketing Materials
Opportunities for networking and expanding your client base can present themselves unexpectedly. Always keep a stack of professional business cards and marketing materials in your car, making it easy to provide your contact information to potential clients or real estate agents you meet on the job.

Get Equipped and Be a Success
A well-prepared home inspector is a successful home inspector. By having these essential items in your car, you can tackle your daily inspections efficiently and be ready to handle unexpected and possibly embarrassing situations. Remember that being equipped with the right supplies enhances your professional image and contributes to your overall safety and well-being while on the road. Stay organized and ensure your car is stocked with these must-have items before embarking on your next inspection journey.

About the Author
Kristine Gerber is part of the Customer Success team at Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Software. She helps home inspectors across the US and Canada become more proficient with Inspector Toolbelt and in their business. You can reach Kristine via email at

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