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How to Raise Appraisal Quality and Minimize Risk

Presented By:
Timothy Anderson

This course focuses on the common charges brought against appraisers, while giving examples of specific civil and regulatory cases. Learn how to avoid these situations by being prepared with a “bullet-proof” appraisal report and workfile.

Tim Andersen, MAI, shares time-tested techniques to protect yourself from state regulators and plaintiffs. Learn proven methods for building a defensible report and reducing your liability and exposure.

In this course, Andersen takes you through real-world examples and shows you how to build your appraisal reports so that even if you face a claim or board complaint, you’ll have the information you need to successfully defend yourself. This course includes:
-Real world case studies on claims and complaints (and how to avoid them)

-Common mistakes that appraisers make that land them in trouble

-How the cost approach plays a role in charges brought against appraisers

-What the state board looks at and how to defend against it

-Explanation of a consent decree, its ramifications, and when to seek legal

-How to report on the 1004 form to prevent liability

Improve your skillset, increase your income by producing a better product and avoid judgment day with this new CE offering.

Not approved in GA, IL, MN, and AK.

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