State Board Complaints: Consulting Service



 State Board Complaints: Expert Consulting Service

“I wish I could’ve come across the story on consent decrees before I signed one many years ago. While I argued my way out of six of the eight violations (because they were false allegations), I realized after having spoken to another Working RE author and USPAP instructor that I possibly could’ve gotten out of the other two violations had I known USPAP better. Admittedly, my boss at the time was not a USPAP expert and having someone with USPAP expertise could have kept me from having a black mark on my record for several years. There are certain E&O companies who have denied me coverage for having this black mark. Great article! I completely agree with everything said in it!”  – John

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If you recently had a complaint filed against you with your State Board and you’re wondering how to proceed, OREP / Working RE has you covered.

Dealing with a complaint, even one without merit, can be time-consuming and frustrating, and if not handled correctly, can be ruinous to your appraisal business. Most insurance companies, including the ones OREP works with, provide free legal guidance to their insureds and this is often the best place to start, especially when dealing with legal suits. But untangling state board complaints, that accuse appraisers of specific violations of the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USPAP), require a different set of skills. To be on equal (or better) footing with the stable of attorneys your state board has at its disposal and to properly defend your interests, you often need an expert’s understanding of USPAP and an insider’s knowledge of how state boards operate to enjoy the best result.

Partnering with Bob Keith, MAA, IFA, Former Executive Director and Appraiser Program Compliance Coordinator for the Oregon Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board, OREP / Working RE is offering appraisers the opportunity to consult with an expert in the field. Being found guilty of a State Board complaint can be costly and have detrimental effects on your license and your livelihood, so it’s important that you have an expert in your corner as you defend yourself. Keith recommends charting a course before acting. “For the best result, it important to obtain some guidance on how to proceed before responding,” Keith says. Learn more: Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints: Put an Expert in Your Corner

OREP Members Affiliates Working RE Subscribers receive the first half hour consultation from Keith free and a 25% discount on consulting services if needed. Note: Due to his recent close association with the Oregon Appraiser Board, he is not providing paid consulting services to appraisers for properties located in Oregon at this time, but Keith will still provide the free half hour consultation and then make a referral to a local expert that can be of assistance.


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