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How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments (7 Hours)
by Richard Hagar, SRA

Do you have the proper support for your adjustments?

Stop taking the same old CE courses and learn proven adjustment methods with instructor Richard Hagar, SRA. Fannie Mae states that the number one reason appraisals are flagged is the “use of adjustments that do not reflect market reaction.” Stay out of trouble with Fannie Mae, your state board and your AMC/lender clients with solid, supportable adjustments.  Up your game, avoid time-consuming callbacks and earn approved CE today!

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Navigating California’s Laws and Regulations (4 Hours)
by Brian Mathews

Attention California Appraisers: Have you taken the BREA required 4-hour course on CA Laws and Regs yet?

Unlike other online courses that are feeding you information that is 4, 5, or 6 years old (or more!), our course is NEW and has the latest information and regulations.  Instructor Brian Mathews, an appraiser for 35+ years and an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor since 2005, shows you the state and federal regulations that you need to be aware of to stay out of trouble. Learn the current terminology, agencies, requirements, and more!

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FHA Appraisal Standards (7 Hours)
Presented By: Lore DeAstra

Are you keeping up with the latest FHA 4000.1 standards?

When it comes to FHA, your CE courses are frequently outdated as FHA standards keep changing. This NEW course teaches you the LATEST 4000.1 FHA Standards and shows what you should be looking out for on an FHA appraisal, including how to handle complex assignments and what forms to use for unusual situations.

In addition to helping you understand FHA’s new requirements, Instructor Lore DeAstra MBA, MRICS, SRA, CDEI – with over 25+ years of appraisal and real estate experience – shows you how to include explanations and photographs that will help your FHA appraisals fly through underwriting. DeAstra guides you through numerous FHA related examples and prepares you for FHA’s new EAD Portal. Become an expert in FHA appraisals today!

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Appraisal Adjustments II: Solving Complex Problems
Presented By: by Richard Hagar, SRA

Adj II

Back by popular demand, Appraisal Adjustments II builds on the tools and techniques learned in “How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments” and dives deeper into how to make adjustments using regression analysis, matched-pair, and “big data” approaches to value. Richard Hagar shows you how to solve complex adjustment issues using proven, real-world techniques.

Have a better understanding of USPAP and lending industry’s requirements for supported adjustments and how classifying and bracketing the subject’s important components can lead to superior appraisals.

Understand the mathematical terms that are applicable to the adjustment process and measuring the market’s response to various components.
Understand how the appraiser can influence the regression analysis and how to measure the quality of the output derived by the process.

Gain an understanding of how the order in which adjustments are made impacts adjustments and the final value conclusion. Understand how the matched-pair analysis can be used even when properties are less than the “perfect” pair for comparison.

Improve your skillset, increase your income by producing a better product and avoid judgment day with this CE offering.

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Identifying and Correcting Appraisal Failures
Presented By: by Richard Hagar, SRA

Correcting Appraisal Failures

In this course, Richard Hagar outlines many of the most common failures to appraisals flagged by the Collateral Underwriter, appraisal reviews, and in interviews with chief appraisers of AMCs and lenders. Gain a deeper understanding of the failures, and get solutions to help reduce the call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections.

If you enjoyed “How to Support and Prove your Adjustments”, you won’t want to miss this course. Hagar’s approach to CE is dynamic, informative, and guarantees to improve the quality of your appraisal with insights and guidance on the latest methods.

Strategies and Tactics You Will Learn:

– Small words that have a big impact on interpreting laws and regulations
– Terminology to use and to avoid in your reports
– New systems, databases, and codes that analyze appraisals deeper and more thoroughly than ever before
– The 12 alarm triggers that appraisers should consider when selecting comparables
– How to reduce call-backs, hard stops and the need for corrections

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn approved CE, work smarter, and increase your earning potential!

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