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AVMs to Finally Replace Appraisers?

>> RE Agent/Broker Professional Liability- E&O Insurance >> Real Estate Agent and Broker News     Editor’s Note: This story is from the latest print edition of Working RE. Don’t miss the next issue! (Am I a Working RE Subscriber?) AVMs to Finally Replace Appraisers? By Isaac Peck, Editor Since the 1990s, there have been those… Read More

FHA Appraisal Requirements

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FHA Appraisal Requirements – Agents/Brokers Master the Art of FHA Appraisals By Isaac Peck, Associate Editor   Appraising real estate can seem like a mystery, even for experienced real estate agents. FHA appraisal requirements can also cause problems for many real estate deals, leading to frustrating delays and even lost sales. As more and more… Read More

Appraisers Win Customary and Reasonable Fees in Louisiana

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Many agents and brokers argue that lack of appraiser geographic competency can cause otherwise good real estate deals to fall through. To address this problem in Louisiana, Realtors and appraisers have worked together to pass legislation requiring AMCs and lenders to pay a Customary and Reasonable fee to appraisers. These new regulations are expected to… Read More

To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

Editor’s Note: Here are a few helpful tips on how to facilitate the real estate purchase process, from appraisers to real estate agents/brokers (with love). Comments were gathered from an online thread.

To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

  • The quality of our work improves when we have more information. The more information agents can give… Read More

Chase Denies Responsibility for Bankrupt AMC Debt

Editor’s Note: The bankruptcy earlier this year of the appraisal management company (AMC) ESA left millions in unpaid fees to appraisers, agents and brokers, who now are trying to collect from Chase, the bank who hired the AMC.  What happens will have far-reaching effects on the appraiser-AMC relationship and the industry. Chase Denies Responsibility for… Read More

Benefits of an Open House

Editor’s Note: According to long-time appraiser Barry Lebow, attending open houses is a great way for appraisers and inspectors to add clients, attract new business and become better professionals. Benefits of an Open House By Barry Lebow With the market slowing down, appraisers are looking for ways to drum up business. I have found first...… Read More