Am I a Working RE Paid Subscriber?

“Am I a Working RE Paid Subscriber?”

We get this question a lot, especially with all of the provided discounts and extras.

The print version of Working RE is mailed to 50,000 real estate appraisers nationwide, including every OREP insured. OREP insureds enjoy guaranteed delivery of the print magazine. Not every one of the 80,000 or so currently licensed and active real estate appraisers receives every issue every time. So if you receive the print magazine occasionally or even regularly, it doesn’t mean you’re a paid subscriber (sorry). The print magazine mails every 4 months. Thanks for reading. Subscribe here: 4 Issues ($60)

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Here’s what you get with a paid subscription:

Note: All these benefits are provided to OREP Insureds and Affiliates.
>Purchase an OREP Affiliate Membership and receive all of the benefits above for 2 years, plus Save $60+ on Essential Elements of Disclosures. Learn to reduce liability!

If you still like holding a magazine in your hands after a long day of squinting into your computer, then subscribe today – your eyes will thank you. And a subscription is good business too – with all the discounts and tools it will more than pay for itself.

So if you’re not one of the many thousands who have paid to subscribe to Working RE or are not an OREP insured, sign up today to save on webinars, education, goods and services, and most of all, to hold the magazine in your hands, leave it on your desktop for the down time, throw it in the car or truck and take it fishing or to the park.

Subscribe Now – ($60)