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No Jive: Save $$$$ from Office Depot, Staples, Dell, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, UPS, Xerox, Cannon, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon and more 
by David Brauner

If you’re like me, group discount offers never add up. Either I never use them and waste my money or the discounts are not real. I am skeptical of all clubs, group discounts, etc. This corporate discounting service is different. We tested it before extending the offer to Working RE Subscribers.

With nearly 5,000 members, OREP was able to qualify for these “corporate rates” on goods and services from all the providers above and many more. The discounts are available to all current Working RE Subscribers and OREP members beginning now.

Here in our office, we used the service for three months to compare prices on things we use regularly- mainly from Office Depot- things like toner, labels, manila folders, filing cabinets and such. The savings are real.

The regular Office Depot price on a toner cartridge for a laser printer that we use is $91. With this service, it is only $37. No kidding. A recent order containing typical office supplies was $305 from Office Depot – the exact same order from Office Depot using this service was $238. I believe we’ll save over $1,000 this year just on office supplies. Click here for a cost comparison of typical office supplies.

The savings on certain office equipment- computers, copiers, printers and such vary but also appear to be real, though we have not bought any of these larger items yet.

Access to these corporate rates through OREP is free to current WRE Subscribers and OREP members. Even if you don’t have a subscription or insurance with OREP, you can qualify through an OREP Affiliate Membership ($50 annually).

If you are a current Subscriber or OREP member and would like information on this program, email: with “Corporate Savings” in the subject.

Visit OREP and get a same-day quote for real estate appraiser insurance or call today: 888-347-5273.



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