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“We had a great response to the email blast. In fact, it started a wave of word of mouth spread that we’re barely able to keep up with!”  – Greg Laughlin,


“Working RE is one of the best sources of contemporary information available to appraisers.  I look forward to receiving it and digest it from cover to cover.  Most of the appraisers feel as I do, in that your work does us a great service and is sincerely appreciated.”  – Paul J. Caristi  SRPA  SRA, Member of Appraisal Institute


Working RE magazine – mails every four months to 60,000+ Appraisers.  Subscribe / Am I a subscriber?

Working RE Home Inspector magazine – mails every four months to 25,000+ Home Inspectors.  Subscribe / Am I a subscriber?


Working RE print has a 100% open rate! It is the only publication reaching all appraisers nationwide and provides the best return on investment for advertisers. There is no publication even close.


Working RE print remains as reference material for months, sometimes years on the desks of appraisers, inspectors and real estate agents; until the time they need and want your product. When they do, your ad in Working RE is there.

“I save your magazines and reference them when issues arise within the industry or my residential appraisal business. I find your publication to be very informative and worthy of archiving for future referencing.” -Edward Rossi, State Certified  Appraiser


Appraisers Digital – emailing to 60,000 appraisers three times a month including a new Editor’s Choice Edition.

Features stories such as Interview – Appraiser Who Brought Down Countrywide  (Opt-in)


Home Inspectors Digital – emailing to over 20,000 home inspectors twice a month.

Features stories such as Expert Witness Subpoena: How Not to Work for Free  (Opt-in)


Now in its 19th year of publication, award-winning Working RE Magazine is the largest circulation publication in the country for appraisers and home inspectors and the most respected too.


If you need immediate results, Working RE also reaches appraisers, home inspectors and agents and brokers via email.

Publication Circulation Sent
Appraiser Print Magazine 60,000 3x Year
Home Inspector Print Magazine 25,000 3x Year
Appraiser’s Digital 60,000 3x/month
Home Inspector’s Digital 20,000 2x/month
Mortgage Field Services Digital 3,000 Quarterly

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