Appraisers Helping Appraisers


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Appraisers Helping Appraisers
By  Bryan S. Reynolds, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

During a recent virtual class, I invited one of my students to stay after, in the virtual classroom, as he had shared something in class that got my attention. He was only able to attend the online offering by physically going to a relative’s house. Why? It was not that he did not have a computer, webcam or microphone; it was that he didn’t have electricity! And neither did his relatives, for that matter, but they did have generator. You see, the appraiser’s community had recently suffered a devastating hurricane with wind speeds up to 175 miles per hour.

The Certified Appraiser in question, Kevin Melton from Jennings, Louisiana, was gracious enough to share his story with me and his first-hand account of the devastation a hurricane can cause.  The hurricane, tornados and high winds created total devastation to the appraiser’s entire area. A high heat index and humidity, with no electricity for air conditioning, created additional issues to residents already suffering. Kevin said it looked like B52s flew over the city and bombed it, like World War II footage.

Below is a link to the podcast that grew out of our conversation. (Click here to listen to the podcast.) Another result is The Appraiser Relief Fund, created by the National Association of Appraisers (NAA).

This new relief fund is designed to assist appraisers who have be affected by a fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other unexpected event that impacts their day-to-day life. It can assist with their education, licensing fees or other items that can help the appraiser get their business running again. As of this writing I am elated to announce the NAA has collected $4,490 in donations that will eventually help appraisers in need.


The NAA will meet on January 7, 2021 to begin work on creating policies regarding the fund, including the application and selection processes for any appraiser in need of help. The fund can also support an appraiser outside of a natural disaster.

I was recently informed by one of my instructors about a student attending a qualifying education offering who said her husband was terminal and she was scrambling to complete all the required QE classes, so she could sit for the national exam. She had assisted her husband for many years but never secured a license. She is now in panic mode trying to complete the requirements to keep their family business open to support herself and her children. This is another area where I think appraisers can really help appraisers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to underwrite her education fees to assist her? Please consider giving back and donating to the fund. Please note: Contributions are not tax-deductible on your individual tax return, only as business expense.

If you are an appraiser who needs assistance or you know of one in need, please contact the NAA at or call at 210-570-4950.

Click here if you’d like to contribute to The Appraiser Relief Fund.


About the Author
Bryan S. Reynolds, CDEI™ is a KY/TN Certified General Real Property Appraiser, KY Licensed Real Estate Agent, a registered agent with the TN State Board of Equalization and an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor. Reynolds is the President of the National Association of Appraisers, Host of The Appraisal Update Podcast and The Appraisal Report Webinar. He has testified and appeared in various courts, planning and zoning boards as both an expert and as an agent making valuation arguments before local and state hearing officials and Administrated Law Judges. Reynolds is the owner of Reynolds & Associates, Reynolds Appraisal Service, Fine Point Valuations and a partner in Appraiser eLearning,

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