Wildfires and Appraisers


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Wildfires and Appraisers
By David Brauner, Senior Insurance Broker at OREP.org

What do wildfires have to do with appraisers? It’s all about being prepared.

San Diego is wildfire country. During the last big event a few years ago, my office and nearby home were surrounded on all sides by advancing, out-of-control wildfires so powerful that they turned the noon sky dark (yes, I went to work that day). Sometimes, in the midst of one of these events, a wind shift can suddenly put your house in harm’s way, leaving you just minutes to get out alive. So when that knock comes to evacuate, you better have all your valuables and pets packed into your vehicle and ready to go. Being prepared keeps safe the things you hold precious.

Now what does this have to do with you? Being prepared when a complaint surfaces at your state appraiser board is no different. A complaint might not be life-threatening but it can certainly be career altering. This holiday season we offer free for a limited time the webinar “Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints: An Expert’s Advice,” for no other reason than I believe it will help you stay safe.

In this OREP/Working RE webinar, Bob Keith, MAA, IFA gives you inside advice that can only come from someone who has been on the other side of the conference table at a state board hearing. His advice will help you prepare for and deal with a complaint deftly, and more importantly, will show you how not to make things worse- particularly early on when your head is still spinning.

The webinar has been available free to OREP insureds as a benefit for over a year. Between now and January 15th, 2016 you can enjoy it too- for free. The recorded webinar runs about 60 minutes and can be accessed free at the link below.


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How Good is It?
In the “dashboard” of the webinar is a mysterious algorithm that measures how attentive listeners are to what’s being presented. For most webinars, an attentiveness at 50% or above means the presenter is doing a pretty good job being interesting. In this webinar, Bob had over 90% attentiveness from beginning to end. I found it riveting and think you will too. As a USPAP expert, Bob also consults with appraisers regarding state board complaints. OREP insureds enjoy the initial consultation free. If you’re an OREP insured and need Bob’s help, please email Isaac@orep.org.


I wish you and yours many blessings this holiday season and in 2016: health, prosperity and generous helpings of faith, hope and love as you move through the year. God bless.


Click here to watch “Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints: An Expert’s Advice” for FREE this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

About the Author
David Brauner is the Senior Insurance Broker for OREP.org and Publisher of Working RE Magazine. He has been involved in providing E&O coverage for appraisers for over 20 years..

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