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June 5: Essential Car Supplies for Home Inspectors
May 21: Stories From the Trenches: Interview with Attorney Geoff Binney
May 8: NAR Settlement: Where Do Inspectors Go From Here?
April 24: Do Long Home Inspections Mean Bad News?
April 10: Tips on Safety and Dealing with Snakes
March 27: Make Use of ChatGPT
March 13: Let’s Absorb Adsorption Together
February 28: Private Water Systems: The Science Behind Your Inspection
February 14: Managing Risk as a Home Inspector
January 31: The Benefits of Investing in a Drone
January 17: The Rise of Multi-Million Dollar Inspection Firms
December 20: Flashing Case Study: When Dissimilar Materials Meet
December 6: Home Inspections vs. Code Inspections
November 22: Remote Working Conditions Can Increase Home Radon Exposure
November 1: Attic Defects and Goofs: The Science Behind Your Inspection
October 18: Supercharging Your Home Inspections
October 4: Marketing and Sales Above All Else
September 29: Against All Odds: Interview with Harmony Brown
September 27: The Results are In! A Role Delineation Study
September 13: Square, Plumb, Displacement and Basements
August 16: Improve Your Website’s Relevancy
August 2: Realize How to Monetize: Finding Your True Potential
July 19: Mold Testing: A Winning Strategy for Inspectors
July 5: Do You Need E&O Insurance as a Home Inspector?
June 21: How to Make More Money as a Home Inspector
June 7: How Robots Can Help Your Business
May 24: Top 20 Home Inspection Mistakes I’ve Made
May 10: Rusted Metal Flue Pipe: The Science Behind Your Inspection
April 26: Home Inspector Convicted of Indecent Exposure on the Job
April 12: Inspector Claims and Risk Management: An Inside Look
March 29: Managing Client Expectations
March 15: Mysterious Leaks into Home and Basement: The Science Behind Your Inspection
February 15: Infrared Camera and Home Inspections
February 8: Specialized Environment Testing: A Profitable Way to Increased Revenue
January 18: How to Market Sewer Camera Inspections
December 21: Notes on the Limitation of Liability
November 30: Lead Testing and the Correlation of Decreased Violence
October 19: Inspecting in a Slowing Market
September 21: Air Conditioning Basics / Inspection: The Science Behind Your Inspection
August 31: 5 Roofing Red Flags to be Aware Of
July 23: Electrical Receptacle Tester Demystified
June 8: Drones, Licensing, and Knowing Your Airspace
May 28: Roof Vents: Problems and Solutions
May 25: Home Inspections and Codes
April 27: The Home Inspection Industry Needs More Women Home Inspectors
April 20: Seeking Termites
March 21: How to Show Up When Someone Searches Google for a Home Inspector
February 16: Key Clauses You Need in Your Pre-Inspection Agreement
January 26: Home Inspector Killed On the Job
January 12: On Again, Off Again: Understanding Well Pump Systems
December 14: Don’t Walk Away from Running Water
November 29: Insurance IQ: Defining Professional Services
November 17: Home Inspectors and Crazy Stories
November 3: Importance of Customer Experience Management
October 27: Setting Yourself Apart From Your Competitors
October 20: Inspecting a Red-Hot Market
October 8: What Is FHA MPS and Why Should Home Inspectors Care?
September 22: How to Determine Water Heater Age
September 8: Home Inspectors Don’t Have to Be Old White Guys
August 25: “Seeing” with an Infrared Camera
August 11: Good for Business
August 4: The Evolution of Home Inspection
July 28: Stone Veneer: Friend or Foe? The Science Behind Your Inspection
July 14: Inspection Integrity Act Becomes Law in Wisconsin
June 28: Five Ways to Expand Your Business Post-Pandemic
June 21: Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Real Estate Agents
June 14: How to Keep Growing During Busy Season
June 4: Defending Home Inspectors for a Living
May 18: Don’t Miss the Shingle Stagger!
April 30: How to Start a Multi-Inspector Firm
April 7: 2021 Lens for Internet Marketing
March 31: Lessons From a Service Business
March 24: Fuel Oil Tanks
March 12: Lower Premiums on E&O: Something to Smile About
March 5: Training Certifications and Value-Add of Infrared
February 25: Adding Sewer Scoping to Your Inspection – Part 2
February 10: Sharpening Your Pre-Inspection Agreement
November 18: Home Inspector Risk Management – Part 2
November 11: Home Inspector Risk Management – Part 1
October 21: Human Being Business
August 26: Insurance IQ: Reading Your Policy
July 29: Using Sewer Scoping to Grow Your Revenue
July 15: How to Get Clients on Your Schedule
June 24: How to Recession-Proof Your Home Inspection Business
June 18: Marketing During a Pandemic
June 10: Inspecting During a Pandemic
May 13: When Siding Leaks into the Basement
April 9: Financial Relief Extends to E&O Insurance
April 1: Coronavirus Update: Home Inspectors
March 11: Inspecting the Wrong House
February 25: Inside Claims
February 18: Disgruntled Clients (and How to Grow From Them)
February 12: Dealing with Price Shoppers
December 4: Inspectors and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act
November 13: Pre-Offer Verbal Consultations
November 6: Handling Disgruntled Clients and Reducing Claims
October 23: How to Win at Blogging & Boost Your Business
October 11: Getting the Most out of Your E&O Insurance Protection
September 27: How to Price Your Services
September 18: Tips to Conserve Water (and the Cost of a Leak)
August 28: Energy Expert Inspectors On the Rise
August 22: A Little Goes A Long Way
August 7: Hydronic Boilers Through Time – The Science Behind Your Inspection
August 1: Putting the Pro in Professionalism
July 24: Insider’s Take on Home Inspection Legislation
July 17: Addressing the Radon Challenges in Home Inspection
June 26: Want to Attract More Agents? Teach, Don’t Sell
June 19: Ask the Marketer: Dealing With “Low Price” Bottom Feeders
June 12: Mold: The New Frontier
June 5: Building an Online Presence That’s Up to Code
May 21: Lead in the Water
May 16: Inspecting New Siding – Devil’s in the Details
April 24: Radon Testing: Myth of the Ideal Radon Device
April 17: Mold in Attics
April 3: Basement Inspection – Exterior
March 27: The Future of Home Water Testing
March 20: 12 Steps to Getting Started with Infrared and Sewer Scans
Feb. 20: Six Tips to Reduce Your Liability as a Home Inspector
Feb. 7: Clogged Drains: How to Avoid a Common Claim
Jan. 30: 2019—Here’s to Your Success
Jan. 24: New Kids on the Block: How Millennials Sell Faster and Buy Smarter
Jan. 9: Risk Management: Protecting Against the Unexpected
Dec. 19: How to Compete When You’re Small
Dec. 12: The Importance of Customer Reviews
Nov. 28: Time to Update Your Business Toolkit
Oct. 24: High-Efficiency Forced Air Furnaces: Science Behind Your Inspection
Oct. 17: Insurance IQ: Insuring Agreement
Oct. 10: Inspection Considerations for Commercial Properties and Facilities
Oct. 3: Nightmare Scenario: $1 Million Deck Collapse
Sept. 19: Making Happy Clients
Aug. 7: The Skinny on “Streamlined 203k” Loans
Aug. 1: Home Inspectors: What’s Your Business Worth?
July 11: Risk Management Corner
June 20: Guerrilla Marketing: Stories From The Trenches
June 6: How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Organically
May 30: Realtors, Referrals & Relationships
May 23: 7 Tips for Successful Office Presentations
May 2: War on Radon and What You Need to Know
April 25: Let’s Role Play
April 17: Solve Problems, Don’t Just Answer Questions
April 4: Soot, Ghosts and Ugly Stains
Mar. 28: Pain-Free Guarantee for More Business
Mar. 21: Managing Liability
Mar. 7: Radon Detection: Being Experts in the Invisible
Feb. 22: Annual Home Inspections: New Frontier?
Jan. 31: Winter Marketing: Have You Turned Up the Heat Yet?
Jan. 10: Communication: Inspector’s #1 Job
Dec. 13: Why Customer Reviews Matter
Sept. 27: History of Home Inspection
Sept. 13: Managing Client Complaints
August 30: Agent Referrals: How to Succeed Ethically
July 21: Setting Sights on Improving Bottom Line
June 21: How to Avoid Wasting Money on Your E&O Insurance
June 14: Binding Arbitration: What’s the Deal?
May 24: $300,000 Lawsuit: Piercing Corporate Veil
May 4: 10 Quick Tips to Grow Your Home Inspection Business
April 12: Meth and Home Inspection
April 5: Why is Your Inspection Contract Important?
March 9: Vacant Properties and the Home Inspector
February 15: Why Home Inspectors Fail (or succeed)
January 25: Writing a Better Inspection Report
December 28: Inspector Advisor: Digital Cameras
November 3: Ask These Questions When You Interview a Call Center
October 20: Redefining Radon Testing
September 28: Getting to the Root of It with Sewer Inspections
September 14: Make More Money by Providing Home Energy Scores
August 31: History of Sewers, Yes Sewers
August 17: Switch Up Your Business and Turn on the Income
July 27: Real Cost of Radon
June 22: Inspector Licensing: The Wrong Path?
May 11: Dew Point – The Mysterious Mix of Water and Temperature
April 18: Introduction to Infrared Technology
March 16: How to Get Real Estate Agents to Hand Out Your Cards
February 24: Mold Testing
January 21: When Visual Inspection Isn’t Enough
December 23: Glad to Meet You
November 24: Mapping for Success with Google
October 20: Don’t Overlook the Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms
September 21: 10 Most Common Electrical Issues
August 5: Pre-Listing Inspections: Additional Income or Additional Liability?
July 9: When to Report a Claim or Incident
June 17: Kitchen Appliance Inspections
May 29: OREP Offers New Environmental & Other Coverages to Home Inspectors
Apr. 30: Marketing Corner… What Year Business Are you Driving?
Mar. 31: Why Photos are Important to Your Lawyer
Feb. 27: Service Philosophy – Reversing Risk for Buyers
Jan. 21: Clothes Dryer Vents: The Proper and the Improper
Dec. 30: Are You Who Your Client Thinks You Are?
Sept. 23: Pricing Your Services – Strategies and Considerations – Part 2
August 29: Pricing Your Services – Strategies and Considerations
June 30: How to Talk an Agent into a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
May 23: Why Effective Communication is Your Best Defense
March 14: Home Inspectors: How to Dress for Success
February 5: Should the Buyer’s Agent Attend the Home Inspection
January 22: Electrical Systems of Older Homes
January 10: Deck Inspections – Part 2
December 4: Deck Inspections – Part 1
November 6: Home Inspector Sued by the Seller
October 10: Attic Ventilation
September 14: What to do When Agents (Mis) Quote Your Fees
August 21: What One Inspector Learned the Hard Way About General Liability Insurance
July 24: Should You Include Cost Estimates in Inspection Reports?
June 20: What You May Not Know About Water Heaters
May 23: The Relationship Business – Part 1
April 25: Inspector’s Guide to Tankless Water Heaters
April 3: Silent Sentries: Understanding Smoke Alarms
March 27: Demystifying Sales and Marketing for Home Inspection Professionals
March 9: Business Basics: Upping Your Game
February 28: Refuting Complaints
February 20: How to Date a House
January 23: How to Better Sell Yourself and Your Services
January 9: Expert Witness Subpoena: How Not to Work for Free
November 2012: Best Way to Handle Complaint? Anticipate Them
October 2012: Successful Risk Management Strategies Part 1
October 2012: One that Almost Got Away
September 2012: Working RE Announces New HI Edition
September 2012: Insurance Claim Rebuttal Letter
August 2012: Manufactured or Modular Home?
August 2012: Marketing without Real Estate Agents
July 2012: Examining Agent-Inspector Relationship
June 2012: The Salesman Hat
May 2012: Home Inspection: When Perception Becomes Reality
March 2012: Risk Management: Inspection Basics to Manage Risk
February 2012: When to Inspect an Attic
January 2012: Interview with Mike Holmes–Holmes Inspection
December 2011: Don’t Inspect for Pests – Sued Anyway?
November 2011: In Search of Perfect Home Inspection
September 2011: Home Inspector Safety Tips