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Happy Holidays and
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Working RE announces the launch of a new print magazine exclusively for home inspectors. For a limited time, inspectors can reserve a free subscription here.

Glad to Meet You

By David Brauner, Publisher Working RE Inspector

Hello and glad to meet you! There’s a brand new print magazine for home inspectors mailing next month that is packed with expert technical and business guidance. Working RE Inspector will mail to over 12,000 inspectors in early 2016, including every OREP insured, as a benefit of membership.

Click here for the story list. You’ll also find in the magazine opportunities from the most trusted vendors in the profession. Home inspectors can request a free subscription to the mailing list for a limited time here.

I’m publisher David Brauner. I’ve been providing information and insurance services to home inspectors for over 20 years. I am also Senior Broker at Because we are insurance and risk experts, you’ll also find a number of stories showing you how to reduce your liability and minimize complaints.

If you miss the mailing list for the January issue, you will be able to find a PDF of it posted at sometime after February 1. Thanks for reading.

I wish you and yours many blessings this holiday season and throughout the year ahead.



Reserve a free subscription here.
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