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Pain-Free Guarantee for More Business

By Isaac Peck, Editor

Sometimes you only get one conversation with a potential client to close the deal. Right? One conversation to sound credible or one visit to your website. Offering a solid and simple, no-gimmick 90-Day Home Warranty can grow your business when you include it with your home inspections. Offering a valuable home warranty will make you the obvious choice for homebuyers. The cost is low enough that it can be rolled into the inspection fee. And it will reduce your headaches.

A warranty “backs up” the quality of your service for clients and gives them peace of mind about their very important purchase. It puts you ahead of the competition and closes the deal! Who would choose an inspection without a warranty when they could get the peace of mind for free?

More importantly for you, a busy business owner, a warranty removes the nuisance complaints from your plate. No more losing sleep or valuable work/family time trying to resolve small, time-consuming complaints that plague every inspector from time to time. Issues covered under the home warranty are resolved directly by the pros at the warranty company—bypassing you completely.

And the process is simple for all involved. With the Complete Protection (CP™ ) 24/7 Warranty, you simply register it online with your client’s information. That’s it. You receive straightforward marketing materials for your website and to provide to your client, including the warranty itself. Once you register the warranty with the client’s name, it is activated for them and good to go. That’s it. If there’s a problem, they call the warranty company, not you.

Warranty Coverage Details
The warranty coverage is 90 days or 30 days after closing, whatever is later and covers the following: furnace, air conditioner, water heater, dishwasher and range. Anything inside the unit is covered, anything outside is not. Furnace/AC—condensate drain line, air filter, humidifier, duct work, vent piping (gas exhausts), freon lines between the inside and outside units, external gas lines and electrical lines bringing service to the unit. Water heater—piping bringing in and taking away the heated water, vent piping for gas exhausts, external gas lines and electrical lines bringing service to the unit. Oven/Cook Top (range)—vent hoods above the cook top, external gas piping to bring the gas to the unit and outside electrical lines to bring electricity to the unit. Dishwasher—drain line outside the unit, external wiring bringing electricity to the unit.

Straightforward Claims Process
The homeowner can use their own pro to do the work. Everything is done over the phone—no submission of itemized claims for review before receiving service. You are left out of it. Customers can call Complete Protection 24/7. And you don’t have to provide a copy of your home inspection report.

• No age restriction on appliances or heating & cooling systems —other programs don’t protect anything older than 10 years.
• No limit on mechanical repairs—other programs limit repairs to just $500.
• Claims are handled over the phone—no submission of itemized claims for review before receiving service.
• Customer can call customer service 24/7.
• Customer doesn’t have to provide a copy of the home inspection report.
• You don’t have to collect the model and serial number.

The program is not valid in all states.

For details, please visit OREP E&O insureds enjoy special low pricing. You can offer a warranty to your clients for as little as $12.50 per warranty, which can be built into the price of your home inspection!

Give yourself a competitive advantage and reduce your headaches in one smart move!

Included free with your first order are two great bonuses: an annual subscription to and the print version of Working RE magazine for home inspectors (certain packages).

About the Author
Isaac Peck is the Editor of Working RE magazine and the Director of Marketing at OREP, a leading provider of E&O insurance for home inspectors, appraisers, and other real estate professionals in all 50 states and D.C. He received his master’s degree in accounting at San Diego State University. He can be contacted at or (888) 347-5273.

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