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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | Sept. 13, 2012

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Home Inspector Edition

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has been reaching a limited circulation of home inspectors for 10 years. Now, Working RE's new digital edition is exclusively for home inspectors and is the only magazine for all inspectors nationwide.

Examining Agent-Inspector Relationship
The home inspector’s relationship with the real estate agent is a topic often discussed among home inspectors and agents. Some home inspectors tout strong relationships with real estate associations and agents as the best way to grow an inspection business. Others say the reliance of the home inspector on agent-referrals is a key problem when it comes to keeping the home inspection profession honest, ethical, and professional.  read more

Staying Safe Out There
Inspector Peter Hawley shows us how to stay safe.  read more

E&O Insurance: Prices Drop, Time to Shop
The market has softened (prices dropped) over the last few years and that means more choices than ever for you– broader coverages and lower rates. Here are some shopping tips- from an expert.  read more

Manufactured Homes: One that Almost Got Away
Home or manufactured home? Here is the tale of the one that almost got away and how to avoid a costly mistake. read more

In Search of Perfect Home Inspection
According to veteran inspector Rick Bunzel, business efficiencies used by the most successful corporate giants can also mean good business for inspectors.  read more

Insurance Program: Complete Coverage, Lower Rates
Inspectors no longer have to pay more for the complete coverage they need.  A new program from OREP includes most coverages in the minimum premium ($1,250/$300,000 limit), including Bodily Injury Property Damage (BIPD/ Premises coverage) and many incidental coverages. read more

Putting On Salesman Hat
Every weekend, there are myriad opportunities to increase business. Inspector Amy McIntire shows you how. read more

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