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Summer 2008,
Volume 19
Director’s Message
Readers Respond
Report and Reaction: Fannie/Freddie, Cuomo Agree to Appraiser Independence (Sort of)
Working RE Announces New Interactive Digital Edition!
Defensive Appraising in a Declining Market
Making AMCs Work for You
Significant Change to Cost Handbook
$300,000 a Year Appraising Revisited (again)
From Appraising to Consulting
Industry News
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Inspectors: How to Establish Fees
Inspectors: Prices Drop, Learn How to Shop
Spring 2008,
Volume 18
Director’s Message
Readers Respond
Turning Tide? Appraiser Independence
Who Owns the Data?
Get More Appraisal Jobs in Any Market
Bad News is Good News: Foreclosure Business
Making the Call: Declining or Stable Market?
Industry News
Making $300,000 a Year: Clarified
Low E&O Rates and Great Service…and Yes, We Answer the Phone
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Carbon Monoxide: Keeping Safe
Inspector’s E&O Insurance: Market Softens – Prices Drop
Fall 2007,
Volume 17
Director’s Message
Appraisers Fighting Back
Reporting and Stopping Mortgage Fraud
MARI – Solving the Blacklisting Mystery
Federal Suit Alleges Misuse of Appraisers’ Data by FNC
Profile: Making $300,000 a Year Appraising
How Lenders Think
Scope of Work Q&A: Risk of Changing Intended User Statements
Are AVMs Appraisals? Appraisal Standard Board on AVMs
Moving out of Residential Lending Work
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Diversifying with Environmental Reports
Beware: Inspecting for Hantavirus
Marketing for Home Inspectors
Spring 2007,
Volume 16
From the Publisher – Lender Pressure: Solving the Problem
AVM Tango! Man or Machine?
Appraiser Blacklisting: Fighting Back
Dealing with Pressure
Appraising Golf Course Properties
Appraising in a Deteriorating Market
Review: Scope of Work Software and Guide
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Report Writing 101 (Inspecting is Easy: Writing is Hard!)
A Rose is a Rose: Inspecting and Writing
Winter 2007,
Volume 15
Mind your Business (and Survive)
Surviving & Thriving (in any Market)
Comp Checks: Learning to Live Without You
Out-Competing AVMs
Appraisers Brave New World: AppraisalWorld
Cost Segregation Study: Working with Accountants
Doing it Faster and Better
Scope of Work: Deflecting Pressure, Reducing Liability
Why Canceling your E&O Can Really Cost You!
Lower-Liability Appraising
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Pros and Cons: Lowering Fees in Slow Times
Inspecting on a Rainy Day
Fall 2006,
Volume 14
MythBusters: Are AVMs Stealing your Data?
How to Make Six Figures Appraising (Part Two)
Getting Full Fees
Appraisal Form “Gotcha” Traps (from an appraiser who knows)
Expand your Mind (and Income)
USPAP/Scope of Work Q&A (Learn and Earn)
Everything you Don’t Know about Measuring (Really)
Clarifying Copyright (by the Appraiser who Won)
Making Scope of Work Work for You – New Report Documenter Software
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Inspectors: Golden Rules for Avoiding Liability
Inspecting your E&O Insurance
Summer 2006,
Volume 13
How to Make Six Figures Appraising
Appraiser Treasure Map: “Ten Rs” for Mentoring New Appraisers
Navigating New USPAP
“Virtual” Debate: What Does “Inspection” Mean?
Fighting Fraud: Digital Security on Appraisals
Copyright Controversy Flares up Again
New Scope of Work: Making it Work for You
Compliant Appraisers Leveling the Playing Field
Health Care for the Little Guy
A Word of Caution: Hold your Tongue
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Home Inspectors: Key to Limiting Liability
Inspecting Wet Basements
Winter 2006,
Volume 12
Inside Mortgage Fraud (Way Inside)
Appraiser Wins Copyright Suit
Fannie offers Cert #23 “Fix” & More
Best of Show – Taking Appraisal Industry Pulse
Selecting and Managing Trainees
New Niche: Understanding Replacement Cost
Diversify and Conquer: Appraising and Inspecting
Collection Strategies (That Work)
Appraising the New Millennium: Interview
Reduce Headaches: Customer Satisfaction Survey
2006 – Your Way
Closer Look for Home Inspectors

Inspectors: Top 10 Report Writing Tips
Fall 2005,
Volume 11
From the Publisher: Good News for Appraisers
Taking Care of Your Business
Incompetence or Fraud? You Make the Call
Comp Checks: Shifting Liability to Appraisers
Survey Results: Relocation Appraisals Trending Up
Next Big Thing: Appraising Small Businesses
Trainee Trouble: Who’s Training Who?
Growing Business by Measuring Homes
When Bad Things Happen to Good Appraisers
Calling all Appraisers: Shut up and Drive
Fannie Tussle
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Mold Inspectors: Proceed with Caution!
Growing Web Business: Converting Visitors to Customers
Summer 2005,
Volume 10
Five Suggestions for Honest Appraisals
Identity Theft – Appraiser Style
Cautionary Tale! Keeping Track of Work Files
Live and Learn: Complaints, Errors, Actions
Relocation Appraisals: What’s Not to Like?
Finding New Lender Clients
Appraisers & Gramm-Leach-Bliley
Understanding Your Market
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Speaking like a Pro
Moisture & Mold; Steering Clear of Liability
Winter 2005,
Volume 9
Appraising your Business: How to Succeed by Setting Yourself Apart
Growing Smart: 10 Steps to Avoid Bad Debt
Leveraging AVM Technology: From Form-Filling to Collateral Valuation
Changing Fortunes: Appraising to Consulting
“Comp” Checks: Turning Requests into Orders
Cost Approach: Why Sidestepping It Can Be Costly
Five Step Program (for Honest Appraisers)
Cure for Sick Buildings and Discouraged Appraisers
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Importance of Answering your Phone
How to Create a Winning Brochure
Summer 2004,
Volume 8
Survival 101 – Getting Ahead without Going Along
Fitch, Fannie and Fraud: Conference Roundup
Can AVMs Work for You?
Fannie’s New Forms: Jury Out / Reviews In
Raising the Scope: New Role of Scope-of-Work
Making Money with AMCs
New Cold War: Fighting Spyware
Measuring Up: Understanding ANSI Standards
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
One that Almost Got Away
Paying Attention to Planters: Telltale Signs of Water Damage
Spring 2004,
Volume 7
34 Secrets for a Successful Appraisal Practice
The Apprentice: Trainees Gone Wild?
Dos and Don’ts: Readdressing, Reassigning and Transferring Reports
AVMs: Appraisers Speak Out!
Appraising Disasters: When the Levee Breaks Part II: Real Work Begins
Appraiser Cleans House
Going Mobile: Today’s Super Appraiser
Growing Business with Existing Clients
Power of Networks
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Best Defense: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Your Contract
20 Reasons to do Business with You!
Fresh Air = Fresh Business
Winter 2004,
Volume 6
Inside AVMs: Role of AVMs in Residential Review
Why you Should Care about Appraiser Qualifications
Appraiser Slice of Life: Full Fees, No Bull
Appraising Disasters: When the Levee Breaks
Truth about Coming in Low
Having your Day in Court – and Winning!
New Year’s Resolution: Health and Well Being!
Enhanced Appraisers Data/Seamless Delivery
Fraud, AVMs, and Fannie’s New Forms
Indoor Air Quality Solutions: Doing Good by Doing Good
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Investigating Forensic Inspecting
How to “Date” a House
Ending Collection Headaches: Accept Payment by Check-by-Fax
Fall 2003,
Volume 5
Appraisers & AVMs: Doing the Bump?
GAO Wrangling
Protecting your Digital Signature
Preparing for Success
10-Step Business Tune-up
Learning to Limit your Liability
Finding your Way with GPS
Understanding USPAP: Three-year Sales History
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Diagnosing Structural Problems
Home Inspection Business Dos and Don’ts
Summer 2003,
Volume 4
Title XI FIRREA: Finding the Framer’s Intent:
Buying a Lake in Arizona
Creative Diplomacy and a Raised Bar
GAO Study of Appraisal Industry Released

Consent Orders: Signing away your Rights?
How to Reach your Potential (Using Acrobat)
FHA Liability: A Case Study
Appraisers and Mold; Responsibility, Competency and Liability
Stepping in as an Arbitration Consultant
Spring Cleaning: A Business Refresher
Internet Highest and Best Use – Come Together Right Now!
Closer Look for Home Inspectors
Strategies for Avoiding Complaints
Inspectors as Expert Witness
Winter 2003,
Volume 3
Appraisal Industry: A House Divided?
Understanding Arbitration
Growing as an Expert Witness
How to Light Interior Digital Photos
Expert Testimony and Reports: Is Change Good?
Inspecting an Attic from the Inside Out
Phone Etiquette: Are you Irritating your Clients?
Meet a Mold Inspector
Saving Time and Money with Better Communication
Starting the New Year Fresh
Fall 2002,
Volume 2
One on One with the Appraisal Foundation: Exclusive Interview
Truth or Consequences, Part One – Three:
Value of an Honest Appraisal
Hit the Number or Hit the Road
No, I won’t Back Down

Fighting Back
Mold: Finding the Water
Inspecting your Contract
Search Engine Success – How to Rise to the Top
Converting Calls into Cash: First Impressions, Patience, Confidence
Calling all Appraisers: Valuing Cell Sites
Word to the Wise? 2006: Cleaning up the Lending Mess Revisited
Making the Most of a Market Meltdown
Understanding Residential Construction from the Ground Up
Avoiding Complaints: Are you Doing all you Can?
State-of-the-Art Mold Testing
Summer 2002,
Volume 1
What is Working RE?
Bye, Bye ASC? Appraisal Subcommittee Under Fire
States Rights, Purse Strings and the ASC
Setting a New Course – USPAP Instructors go Back to School
Turning Complaints into Opportunity
Benefits of an Open House
Increasing Productivity with PDFs
Loss Prevention – Nine Mistakes you Shouldn’t Make
Sending PDF Appraisals: How to Hit a Home Run Every Time
2006: Cleaning up the Lending Mess
It Pays to be Considerate
“EDI” Open Standard Arrives