Avoiding Complaints: Are You Doing All You Can?

Avoiding Complaints
Are You Doing All You Can?

The following is excerpted from the Liability Reporter, a risk management e-newsletter for real estate home inspectors and appraisers published by the Organization of Real Estate Professionals (www.OREP.org).

Home Inspector Checklist*
1. Do you always obtain a signed pre-inspection agreement from the client?
2. Does your pre-inspection agreement contain a “limitation of liability” provision?
3. Do you present your pre-inspection agreement in advance of the inspection and not immediately before or during the actual inspection?
4. Does your inspection agreement identify what services are being offered and which are excluded (setting expectations)?
5. Does your inspection report identify a problem condition AND its significance or meaning?
6. Does your inspection report accurately communicate the significance or meaning of a problem condition?
7. Are you careful not to contradict or verbally amend the significance of a problem condition identified in the inspection report?
8. Do you suggest that clients bring in an expert to more fully evaluate a problem condition?
9. Do you identify all limiting conditions which prevent or hinder a more thorough inspection of an area?
10. Are you careful about admitting liability to a client or agent after a complaint has been lodged?

* Note: Complete information on these and other risk management topics is included in the Liability Reporter, provided free to members of OREP. (Membership in OREP includes low cost E&O, continuing education and training from national providers, discounted listings in national online business referral directories, the Liability Reporter newsletter, discounted lab services (mold testing) and many other benefits. Coverage for mold is also available (home inspectors). For more information and a quote, call (888) 347-5273 or visit www.orep.org).

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