How to Create a Winning Brochure

The home inspection business is different than any other business because you typically don’t meet your client until after he/she hires you. This means that growing your business is almost all marketing and very little sales. A key part of successful marketing is your home inspection brochure. Since your client won’t get to meet you until after you’re hired, your home inspection brochure- not you, defines your image. You might only get this one shot, so make it a good one.

The brochure should generate sales leads, provide documentation to justify your fees and sell additional services. In short, the goal of a home inspection brochure is to sell more inspection services to more people more often for more money.

Real estate agents are more influenced by marketing than the general public. Agents often can’t tell a good inspector from a bad one. Many don’t know what a joist is. However, agents do recognize strong marketing- they’re in the marketing business! Because agents are so influenced by marketing, the quality of your brochure has to be top notch.

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