To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

Editor’s Note: Here are a few helpful tips on how to facilitate the real estate purchase process, from appraisers to real estate agents/brokers (with love). Comments were gathered from an online thread.

To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

  • The quality of our work improves when we have more information. The more information agents can give… Read More

Rose is a Rose

Rose is a Rose Inspecting AND Writing You wouldn’t expect home inspectors to be discussing the fine points of misplaced modifiers or use of the passive voice when sharing report writing tips, but this is exactly the advice veterans gave to a newbie inspector asking for report writing do’s and don’ts, recently on a home… Read More

Top 10 Report Writing Tips

Editor’s Note: The following is a (brief) excerpt from the story Successful Report Writing by expert Alan Carson. (Find answers to these questions and others: What are you trying to accomplish with the report?; What do clients want?; Format: electronic or paper?; Should you purchase vs. create your reports?; How to build a knowledge base?;… Read More

Successful Report Writing

Report Writing: Doing it Better to Better Your Business By: Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop Introduction We all like inspecting houses. It’s fun and challenging and we are really good at seeing things that mere mortals can’t. The “show and tell” with clients is rewarding, and the appreciation they feel at the end of the process… Read More