Appraising Disaster: When the Levee Breaks Part II

Appraising Disasters: When the Levee Breaks Part II: Real Work Begins By David Phillips, SRA As the date for the inspections drew closer, we enlisted the help of the Village Clerk.  She was an invaluable partner in the process because she had addresses and phone numbers for most residents.  After the flood, many residents went… Read More

Business Dos & Don’ts

Business Dos & Don’ts In an online chat room recently, a struggling new inspector asked advice from the seasoned pros: “What are the three best and worst things you did to get your business started?” Here’s how a few answered. Best Went to ASHI/CREIA chapter meetings. It’s a great way to meet other inspectors and… Read More

Loss Prevention Checklist

Risk Management Loss Prevention Checklist The following steps have proven effective at avoiding complaints and lowering the liability of home inspectors. Two points emerge: First, according to risk management experts, loss prevention is as much about communication as it is about understanding the systems of a building. They stress that expert knowledge is vital but… Read More

Expert Witness Testimony: Advice from the Bench

Expert Witness Testimony: Advice from the Bench State court Judge Caroline Baker has heard just about every type of civil case from contract disputes to medical malpractice. What impresses her most about the multitudes of expert witnesses that pass through her courtroom? Experts who make themselves available to testify at trial. The judge says live… Read More