Home Inspector Marketing

Inspectors: How to Establish Fees

Editor’s Note: Setting fees can be agonizing for some small-business professionals. Here, a handful of seasoned inspectors discuss how their fees are set and how they figure the true “cost of doing business.” Inspectors: How to Establish Fees by David Brauner, Editor WRE According to a recent online discussion, most of the inspectors who do… Read More

Marketing for Home Inspectors

Marketing for Home Inspectors Complied by Cary Barker, Assit. Editor Whether you are new to the industry or consider yourself a pro, everyone can use help getting his/her name in front of clients. Networking “Try open houses. You might connect with a Realtor who may use you. You may also meet the homeowner and get… Read More

Diversifying with Environmental Reports

Diversifying with Environmental Reports By Benjamin V. Cesare Home buyers today have more questions to ask than ever before—and they frequently turn to their home inspector for answers that will help them make a good decision for themselves and their family. Today’s savvy home buyer wants complete information about the properties they are considering —… Read More

Growing Web Business: Converting Visitors to Customers

Growing Web Business: Converting Visitors to Customers by Nick Gromicko A home inspector’s website should have only one goal; to convert visitors to customers. Here’s how it’s done. A home inspector’s website is not a newspaper, television, magazine or building. Unlike most websites it should not serve multiple purposes. Don’t give your visitor any freedom to find anything but...… Read More

Speaking Like a Pro

Speaking Like a Pro By Mike Casey Professional phrases for common situations: Newbie: “This is stupid,” or “Geez, will you look at this!” Pro: “For increased safety, we recommend…” Or “For optimum performance we recommend…” Newbie: Instead of the “Code Word” say: Pro: “Not serviceable, nonstandard, substandard, unconventional, inadequate, temporary.” Newbie: “It’s old.” Pro: “The… Read More

20 Reasons to do Business with You!

20 Reasons to do Business with You! Editor’s Note: The following was written by a home inspector in response to a client’s question about why they should do business with them. How do you measure up? 1. We answer our phone during the day. 2. We work weekends by appointment for your convenience. 3. We call… Read More