Ending Collection Headaches: Accept Payment by Check-By Fax!

Ending Collection Headaches
Accept Payment by Check- by Fax!

The best way to deal with collections is to avoid them. The best way to do that is to collect your money up front whenever possible. Easier said than done, right? Not any more. New “check writing” software makes collecting up front as easy and quick as receiving a fax. And can save your business thousands of dollars a year by eliminating credit card “discount fees.” Here’s how to get payments upfront, avoid collection headaches and boost your bottom line.

New check writing software allows you to take payments by check by fax (or by phone). Your clients/customers simply write you a check and fax it to you. Imagine not having to wait for the check that is “in the mail.”

The software allows you to generate a check in seconds using your printer and special check drafts (Federal Reserve Board of Governors Regulation CC Security Bond Check Paper). You receive payment immediately and get on with the business of practicing your profession.

“We’ve been using the software for about six months to take checks by fax and it works great. No problems at all,” said Danny Quirino, OREP Representative. “Our clients love the convenience of being able to bind insurance immediately.”

Bottom Line Boost
If you accept payment by credit cards as a convenience to your clients, another huge benefit is the dramatic savings it provides by eliminating the costly “discount fees” charged by merchant accounts (two percent and up.) Accepting “checks by fax” provides immediate payment with none of the costs associated with accepting credit cards. Depending on the volume of credit card charges you do, checks by fax can save you thousands of dollars a year.

The software is a one-time expense ($99). Check drafts cost about ten cents per check. A special introductory “package deal” on software and check drafts is available through a special link. For more information and to order, visit www.orep.org and click “checks by fax.”

With checks by fax your money is in the bank by sunset, eliminating irritating collection problems that sap your time, energy and good will.

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