Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Solutions: Doing Good by Doing Good

By Dan Molleker

What will you be doing in the next 10 years? Have you thought about the business you are in today? Can you be sure that what you worked so hard to build is going to be around to support you and your family? Adding indoor air quality services (IAQ) to your business can help secure your future while providing a valuable and helpful service to your community.

The last few years have been great for the real estate industry but it appears things are slowing down. We receive calls every day from appraisers, inspectors and agents asking whether providing IAQ services can help them boost their bottom line. The answer is yes! Many Medallion partners are making high six figure incomes by providing this much needed service.

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How would you like to receive a call from a customer you provided service for telling you that you saved their lives? It happens in this business. Did you know that 14 children die every day from Asthma? Many of these cases are seriously affected by IAQ issues. Many childhood illnesses can also be attributed to “bad air” in our homes and offices. Think about the new baby you are about to bring home. Most likely you spruced things up around the baby’s room: new paint on the walls, new carpet, crib, baby furnishings, clothes, mattress and toys. Guess what all those new gifts are doing? They are “degassing” into the air that your child is going to breath.

As a trained IAQ specialist, you will have answers and solutions to serious problems concerning the air quality where people in your community live and work. Medallion partners earn an indoor air quality certification from IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Association). Partners also receive training at Aero Tech Labs in Arizona. If you’re thinking about expanding your services and your knowledge, think about looking into environmental/IAQ services. You can do good by doing good.

Dan Molleker is president of Medallion Healthy Homes. For more information, visit:

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