Growing Business by Measuring Homes

Before I started, I owned my own appraisal shop in Oklahoma City . Like many of you, the one part of the business that I struggled with was advertising. Since I didn't have a marketing background, I had trouble coming up with creative ideas that made me stand out from my competition.

After brainstorming for a few weeks, I decided on a plan-measuring houses for a fee. That probably sounds strange to most of you but it is a great way to make additional money and get more appraisal business.

I designed a postcard and sent it to Realtors in my area. I explained in the postcard that I would measure their listings for a fee. As we all know, county records are often incorrect. I knew that Realtors wouldn't call me on every listing but I thought they might call me on some of them. I was right. I started getting calls within a week of the mailing.

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