Cure for Sick Buildings and Discouraged Appraisers

Anthony Perkins, a seven-year appraiser who runs a nine-person appraisal shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been a Medallion “partner” for several years. Perkins decided to diversify because life as an appraiser is getting harder and because of what he sees as the enormous potential of the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. Today, he has an interest in three Medallion operations in his area.

“Appraising has become steadily more difficult because of lender pressure issues,” Perkins said. “It’s also cyclical with pretty sharp downturns. I believe the nature of the appraisal business does not allow for much growth beyond what I have achieved. According to statistics I have read, the forecast for the IAQ industry is $90 billion a year with less than one percent of that business existing today. There’s room for a lot of growth.”

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