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Working RE: Recorded Webinars

Keeping Off Fannie Mae’s New Appraiser “Black List”

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA

“Thanks so much for offering this webinar.  It has increased my knowledge tremendously on Fannie Mae requirements, the UAD, and information on how to perfect my work as best as possible.  I am definitely interested in a webinar on the UAD and the quality and condition ratings.  This information is invaluable.”  -V. Harrill 

This webinar is designed to help appraisers stay trouble free. Describes the new AQM process and what to expect from Fannie Mae (FNMA).

Fannie Mae’s AQM and How to Stay Out of Trouble

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA

“Great Class. This Instructor is good!” -S. Collins

Hagar shows appraisers what will get you in serious trouble with Fannie and what won’t. Specifics on making the “correct” UAD choices that will help you avoid “hard stops,” “fatal warnings” and “critical messages” and keep you in business.

Complaints: What to do When the State Comes Calling

Presenter: Tim Andersen, MAI

“Excellent webinar. I could not write notes fast enough!” -P.Murphy

Learn how to protect your license and your livelihood, using this recorded webinar. Don’t miss this chance go inside the investigation/complaint process and learn how to protect yourself should the state comes calling!




Appraiser Liability and Independence: How to Protect Yourself

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA

Richard Hagar is an excellent speaker. Well worth the expense, I wish I could get the rest of my appraisers to invest the time. Good Job.”  -Bob, SRA

Protect yourself by learning a few simple techniques on staying out of trouble and standing up for your rights as an appraiser.

workfile4There’s WHAT in Your Workfile?

Presenter: Tim Andersen, MAI

“An hour well spent! Very informative with some points I never knew about or considered.”
-M. Malik

New rules are leaving appraisers more exposed than ever to legal and regulatory complaints. Get an expert’s insight into how to bulletproof your workfile from clients, your state appraisal board and others.

Mobile Appraising: How to Use Your Laser and Tablet Effectively

Presenter: Dustin Harris


After viewing the webinars, I now have the info to get going. Thanks!”
-Wayne Shaul

Whether you’re new to appraising with mobile tools, or you’re looking to sharpen your skills, this recorded webinar gives you actionable steps that you can take today to be more efficient and effective with mobile tools.

Appraisal Review and the Law

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA


“That was a great seminar! I would like a link to it so I can re-listen to it.” -K. Allin

Are you tired of being pestered by poor “appraisal reviews” that are often provided by people who don’t appear to have a clue about appraising? In this recorded webinar, learn to protect yourself, respond appropriately, and stay out of trouble.

Surviving AMCs: Get Paid and Protect Yourself

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA


Great Class. This Instructor is good! -S. Collins

In this recorded webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA shows you six methods for increasing your chances of getting paid, how to reduce “scope creep,” and how to get paid when an AMC fails to pay you or goes bankrupt.

The Top 5 Questions Asked of an Appraiser and How to Answer

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA


“I really enjoyed the presentation. would love to have access to it again so I can review some of the material and references.” -A. Holden

Do you ever wonder if a client’s requests are proper or even legal? In this recorded webinar, learn the right way to help clients, answer their questions, and stay in business.

Building Your Business and Gaining Clients

Presenter: Bryan Knowlton, Author of the 2012 AMC Guide


“Thank you Bryan for the informative webinar!”
– D. Lider

You don’t have to be trapped doing only lender and AMC work. With this recorded webinar, learn how to branch out into estate work, bankruptcy work, legal work, and more!

UAD Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

 Presenter: Dawn Molitor-Gennrich and Rich Heyn



“I found the seminar very helpful, especially with a job I am working now.” -P. Rowen

This recorded webinar shows you practical techniques for dealing with UAD trouble spots and avoiding UAD hardstops.Save time and increase productivity!

Environmental Hazards and Impact on Value

Presenter: Francis Finigan, Calypso Education


According to EDR, as many as 85% of properties appraised in the United States have potentially sensitive environmental sites within a half a mile. Learn to conduct appropriate environmental due diligence, make the right disclaimers, and stay out of trouble with this recorded webinar.

How to Limit Liability, Maintain Independence, and Fight Influence

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA



Three Part Series
Appraisers have been pushed around long enough–and now’s the perfect time to learn how to protect yourself and stand up against coercion and influence. This recorded webinar teaches you how to stand up for your rights as an appraiser and how to protect yourself from pressure and coercion that place you in violation of USPAP and other regulations.

Time Management: Organizing Your Appraisal Office to Work Smarter Rather than Harder

Presenter: Dustin Harris


In this recorded webinar, Dustin shares proven strategies for managing your time and technology so you can accomplish more with the time that you have. Instead of just reciting theories, Dustin offers actionable tips and tricks for being more productive, efficient, and effective as a real estate appraiser.

1,000 Appraisals a Year: Realities of Appraiser Liability

Presenter: Richard Hagar, SRA


“Richard Hagar is an excellent speaker. Well worth the expense, I wish I could get the rest of my appraisers to invest the time.”
-R. Hamilton, SRA

Appraisers are under enormous pressure to perform appraisals faster and cheaper, all the while facing increasing liability. Learn how to avoid becoming the next statistic using this recorded webinar.

Can You Increase Your Appraisal Volume AND the Quality of Your Work?

Presenter: Dustin Harris “The Appraiser Coach”


“Thank you for sponsoring the subject class! I really got a lot out of it.” -R. Harrist

Dustin shows appraisers how cutting the time it takes to appraise doesn’t have to mean cutting corners and tells appraisers how to save time while increasing quality.In this recorded webinar, Dustin shows appraisers how to do more and make more with the time and resources they have.

Professional Appraiser Series Part 1: Other than Lender Work

Presenter: Andy Anderson



In this recorded webinar, Andy Anderson explains the ins and outs of other than lender work and share his experience as an appraiser doing specialty work for lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, and more.

Professional Appraiser Series Part 2: Dealing with a Negative Review

Presenter: Andy Anderson

In this recorded webinar, Andy Anderson will help appraisers understand how to craft a detailed, professional response, as well as take the necessarysteps to protect their livelihood and career. Learn about the process involved, and how to deal with it.

 Parts 1 & 2: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

Presenter: Bryan Knowlton, Author of the 2014 AMC Guide


“Thanks for all of the tips. I found this very valuable.”
 - Patrick Jones

Come learn proven strategies for finding fair paying work, negotiating fees, and maximizing orders and income when working with AMCs in this recorded webinar.

Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money

Presenter: Dustin Harris“The Appraiser Coach”


“The seminar was very helpful and encouraging in time saving mobile applications! Thank you for making it available!” -James W. (Attendee at Dustin’s previous webinar)

In this recorded webinar, Dustin shares the technology and techniques that you need to ramp up your volume, while increasing the quality of your reports. Dustin uses these technologies and systems everyday allowing him to produce a much higher volume than any of his local peers.


The Paperless Appraisal Office

Presenter: Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach



After viewing the webinars, I now have the info to get going. Thanks!” -Wayne Shaul

Recent talk of paperless appraiser offices has raises several questions.  What are the benefits?  Can it make you more efficient and help you cut costs? Dustin shows appraisers what’s involved and how to do it in this informative webinar.