Environmental Hazards Impact on Value

Environmental Hazards Impact on Value

Environmental hazards and appraiser due diligence, is it really better to be lucky than good?

Appraisers have been lucky when it comes to due diligence on environmental hazards–but in an era of retro-forensic reviews where lenders are attempting to recover losses from appraisers–can appraisers continue to count on their luck?

In Environmental Hazards Impact On Value, Francis X. (Rich) Finigan, a renowned instructor and Education Director of Calypso Continuing Education, will share key strategies for environmental due diligence, making the right disclosures, and dodging the inevitable liability bullet.

According to Environmental Data Resources (EDR) as many as 85% of properties appraised in the United States have potentially sensitive environmental sites within a half a mile–but is it enough for appraisers to simply disclaim “none obvious”?

Appraisers have been sued for failing to effectively report environmental hazards–don’t be the next statistic.

You don’t need to be an environmental expert to conduct appropriate environmental due diligence, make the right disclaimers, and stay out of trouble.

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