Land Value and the Cost Approach

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Two-Part Webinar: Land Value and the Cost Approach

with Richard Hagar, SRA


Part 1: How To Determine Land Value

How do you determine land value when there are no land sales? How do you support your value, if you need to?
The value of all real estate is based on the value of land. In an appraisal analysis, land value is the single most important component. With a solid land value the quality and credibility of the appraisal is improved. The sales comparison and cost approaches require solid land value conclusions in order to produce a quality product and stay trouble free.
It doesn’t matter where the property is, the land component can be the single most important adjustment in the appraisal. For some properties land value can be 20% of the total market value. For other homes, land can represent 95% of the total market value. Getting it right is vital to avoiding problems.
This class will cover:
• Highest and Best Use Analysis as Vacant;
• Fannie Mae’s Highest and Best Use Analysis as Improved;
• Overview of seven different valuation methods;
• Understanding the options available to appraisers;
• Where to look for hidden sales;
• How to create a superior appraisal;
• How to get paid more for your work.In this webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA shows you seven straight-forward methods for determining the land value. These methods work on SFR, multi-family, farmland, and commercial properties located in dense downtown communities or sparsely populated rural areas.
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Part 2: Building a Better Cost Approach

How often do you use the cost approach? In the face of closer scrutiny, many appraisers are finding that command of the cost approach allows them to better check and support their conclusions.

Whether you are appraising residential, commercial, industrial, a new home or an ancient fixer-upper, the quality of your appraisal is increased with the inclusion of the cost approach. In this webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA shows you why the cost approach should be included and how to correctly use this method to strengthen your appraisals.

This class will cover:
• Numerous sources for cost data (paid and free);
• What Fannie Mae requires in every cost approach;
• How the cost approach impacts the final value conclusion;
• The impact of the cost approach on the sales comparison approach;
• How the cost approach can help in determining adjustments;
• Easy methods for determining depreciation;
• Why the cost approach is applicable for all homes regardless of age;

Learn proven methods for determining land value and sharpen your skills with the cost approach.


“Both parts of these webinar were outstanding. I would have to rate it as one of the best classes I have ever taken.” – Richard T.

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