Appraisal Review and the Law

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“I enjoyed this webinar and speaker very much. Richard Hagar is an excellent speaker. Well worth the expense, I wish I could get the rest of my appraisers to invest the time. Good Job.”  -Bob, SRA

Appraisal Review and the Law

Are you tired of being pestered by poor “appraisal reviews” that are often provided by people who don’t appear to have a clue about appraising?

Many clients don’t know the difference between a “reading” of the appraisal, an “appraisal review” and a “deficiency,” but they demand changes nonetheless, often wasting the appraiser’s time.

In this webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA, shows appraisers how to fight back against foolish requests.  The solution?  Know the law and what AMCs can and cannot do.  This recorded Webinar will help appraisers know the difference between a “reading” and an “appraisal review” and who is legally prohibited from providing “appraisal reviews.”

Knowledge is a great tool at fighting poor, if not improper, appraisal

Lenders and AMCs: Could it be that you have the wrong people doing reviews?  Hagar will explain three different types of reviews and who is legally allowed to conduct each type.

When appraisers know the law, they can stop foolish “review” requests and stay away from needless lawsuits.


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