There’s WHAT in Your Workfile?

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Excellent webinar. I could not write notes fast enough!” – P. Murphy

There’s WHAT in Your Workfile?

Presenter: Tim Andersen, MAI, M.Sc., CDEI, (Florida) State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, RZ998, AQB-Certified USPAP Instructor #10386 and USPAP Consultant

New rules are leaving appraisers more exposed than ever to legal and regulatory complaints. Get an expert’s insight into how to bulletproof your workfile from clients, your state appraisal board and others.  Tim Andersen, an AQB-Certified USPAP Instructor, USPAP Consultant and author (Beware of Consent Decrees; Understanding State Board Enforcement), shares how to navigate the troubled waters: what items must be included in every Workfile and which are often omitted, causing appraisers legal and regulatory exposure. USPAP, competency, due diligence, precedent, critical thinking and how to cover your assets.

Learn how to protect your license and your livelihood.

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