Persistent Appraisal Failures: CU 3.1 Is Here


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Persistent Appraisal Failures: CU 3.1 Is Here

“I enjoyed this webinar and speaker very much. I plan to listen to the next 3 webinars as they are available. Richard Hagar is an excellent speaker. Well worth the expense, I wish I could get the rest of my appraisers to invest the time. Good Job.”  – Bob, SRA

This webinar was very good and provided the best explanation of the Q & C ratings that I have seen so far. – Jason Fischman, ASA, IFA


hagar-pic2Persistent Appraisal Failures: CU 3.1 Is Here

Presented by: Richard Hagar, SRA

CU Version 3.1 went live on December 12, 2015 and it’s introducing new red flags and warning messages related to adjustments, view and location data, accessory units, condo data, and much more!  Hagar takes appraisers step-by-step through the new warning letters appraisers have been receiving due to CU’s new changes.

With Fannie Mae providing feedback almost immediately after an appraisal is submitted, it’s now more important than ever for appraisers to understand the most common appraiser warnings and failures so they can avoid the headaches that come with being flagged by CU.

In this webinar, Hagar shows how to navigate the new CU update and how to avoid problems in the most common areas, including:

  • Relative comparison vs. Fixed Definitions
  • Condition vs. Updates
  • Quality vs. Updates
  • Actual Age vs. Effective Age
  • Location Adjustments vs. Site Adjustments
  • Support for Adjustments
  • Use of MLS Photographs
  • Comparables vs Sales

This Webinar untangles the rules, shows how the system operates, what is reported to lenders and what it takes to stay out of trouble as an appraiser.

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