Maximizing AMC Orders and Income

“Thanks for all of the tips. I found this very valuable.” – Patrick Jones

“We learned so much on Tuesday, we decided to come today and bring our
office manager.” – Lu Waara

“I wanted to let you know that myself and another representative from our company sat in on your recent webinar and found it truly informative. I wanted to thank you for the service, and also inquire about how my company can get on your AMC list (as I’ve noticed  you, or your company are not in ourcurrent system).” – Nick Honiotes, Allstate Appraisal


Webinar: Maximizing AMC Orders and Income


Working with the best AMCs, negotiating your own fees, and enjoying a better process–one that meets your income expectations–gives you more power and more choice.

Maximizing AMC Orders and Income is presented in two segments by appraiser Bryan Knowlton, author of the 2015 AMC Guide: The #1 source for locating the best AMC work for appraisers.

Segment One
* Setting Your Course: How much work do you want?
* Understanding the Importance of Address and Proximity to Target Service Area
* Getting the Right List
* Preparing for Success: Application Process
* Mastering the Application Process
* Pointers on Sending the First Follow Up
* Advice from Inside: Q&A Session

Segment Two
* Keys to Successful Relationship Management
* Common Errors to Avoid- Downloadable Checklist
* Standardizing Reports
* Understanding and Streamlining Underwriting Conditions
* Getting Paid
* Getting More Work
* Updating Documents
* Future with AMCs
* Advice from Inside: Q&A Session


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