Surviving AMCs: Get Paid and Protect Yourself

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Surviving AMCs: Get Paid and Protect Yourself

In this webinar, Richard Hagar, SRA shows you six methods for increasing your chances of getting paid, how to reduce “scope creep,” and how to get paid when an AMC fails to pay you or goes bankrupt.

“Appraisers have incredibly powerful tools and laws at their disposal,” Hagar says. “The problem is that most are unaware of them or how best to use these tools to their benefit.”

Take this webinar to see how to run your appraisal business more profitably and more independently, with fewer problems. And learn how to increase your chances of getting paid.

Hagar will explain the legal relationship between Lenders and AMCs, and their responsibilities to the appraiser. All attendees will be given a sample demand letter that can be sent to Lenders and AMCs involved.

See how to fight back when lenders and AMCs fall short.



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