Top 5 Questions Asked of an Appraiser & How to Answer

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Top 5 Questions Asked of an Appraiser and How to Answer

Ever deliver an appraisal only to have the client call back and ask for more?

Appraisers know that once a report is submitted, clients often come back and ask unusual questions, request additional information, or even ask the appraiser directly to make changes to the report. Do you ever wonder if their requests are proper or even legal?

In Top 5 Questions Asked of an Appraiser and How to Answer, Richard Hagar, SRA discusses the most common requests that appraisers face and how certain requests/demands can place the appraiser in legal jeopardy. Hagar explains how to answer these questions legally and correctly.

Components for this class include
• How certain requests are illegal and can result in misleading (or fraudulent) appraisals.
• When does a question become influence or coercion?
• How far should an appraiser go to solve the client’s failures?
• How should an appraiser answer legitimate questions and stay safe?

Some of the questions Hagar will cover are:
• Can we get a retype of the appraisal?
• Can you change the name of the client?

Learn the right way to help clients, answer their questions, and stay in business.

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