Dealing With a Negative Review

Webinar: Dealing With a Negative Review

Ever had to rebut a negative review? Curious about the best way to handle a negative review if you receive one? Get some advice from an industry expert!

Appraisers are increasingly being scrutinized by AMCs and lenders. Some end up receiving negative reviews, being turned into their state regulatory boards, and even placed on a lender’s “Do Not Use” list. That’s why it’s important for appraisers to have a game-plan and know how to defend themselves in the event of a negative review.

Professional Appraiser Series–Part 2: Dealing with a Negative Review will be presented by appraiser Andy Anderson, author of UMDP/UAD: Road to Ruin? and Customary and Reasonable Assignments and a professional appraiser with over 27 years’ experience.

Dealing With a Negative Review is the second in a series of webinars designed to add to your professional expertise and help you grow as an appraiser. Being negatively reviewed by an AMC or lender is a serious event that needs to be handled properly, even if the review is completely  baseless. In this webinar, Andy Anderson will help appraisers understand how to craft a detailed, professional response, as well as take the necessary steps to protect their livelihood and career.

Partnering with OREP / Working RE Magazine, Andy Anderson is offering appraisers an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the appraisal review process and how they can defend themselves. To read more about Mr. Anderson, click here.


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