Choosing Supportable Comparables


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Choosing Supportable Comparables
(Two-Part Series)

What to use, What not to use,
and What to Do When You Can’t Find Any!

hagar-picPresented by: Richard Hagar, SRA
Part 1: Available Now
Part 2: Available Now

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Appraisers are often faced with the problem of “no” comparable properties similar to the subject. Unfortunately there are a lot of false rumors and misleading “requirements” dumped on appraisers.

This bad information causes some appraisers to reject appraisal orders, or alter neighborhood boundaries, or even try and force comparables to fit what the lender demands.

But there are options!

Many appraisers falsely believe that the comparables used in the report must:
• Come from the subject’s neighborhood;
• Have sold in the past 6 months;
• Be the same style;
• Have square footage within 20% of the subject’s SF;
• Have a sales price within 20% of the subject’s sales price or final value conclusion;
• Etc., etc.

All these Beliefs are Wrong – Learn the Right Way to Choose Comparables!

This webinar will demonstrate the type of “comparables” that will improve the quality of your appraisals, how to select them, and how to avoid the 12 “red flags” that will set off the CU alarms.

This Two-Part webinar will:
• Provide accurate information regarding what comparables can be used in a report
• Show what the regulations really state concerning comparables
• Demonstrate easy to find alternatives for odd subject properties
• Cover Conventional, FHA and VA requirements and solutions

Hagar shares the text he uses in his own appraisal reports and how to properly explain your comparable selection and stay out of trouble.

When Hagar can’t find “comparables” he’ll show his method for completing the assignment successfully!

Two Part Webinar Series

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