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Importance of Answering Your Phone

Importance of Answering Your Phone In this high tech-world it’s easy to forget how important it is to do a simple little thing like answering your phone. Many appraisers and inspectors will tell you, however, that having a live person answering phones is key to the success of their business. “Three times in the past… Read More

“Comp” Checks: Turning Requests into Orders

“Comp” Checks: Turning Requests into Orders “Please check the comps first and call me immediately if the value is not there.” Sound familiar? Or the mortgage broker who calls from parts unknown asking: “Do you check comps first? I don’t want my borrower to pay for an appraisal they can’t use.”  Just as lender pressure… Read More

Changing Fortunes: Appraising to Consulting

Editor’s Note: According to Don B. Swenson, MAI, changing your fortunes as an appraiser – moving from “form-filler” to consultant- if this is your goal, requires an expanded concept of appraising that looks beyond market value as being the solution to every problem. Those who manage to make the leap from appraising to consulting are… Read More