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Question: Mr. Spool: I read your article (How to Increase Residential Appraisal Income) and it was very informative. I have been marketing to agents but your article gave me the great idea to offer free classes as another marketing tool. I was wondering if you could share information as to what your classes entail. I was thinking of a seminar at their offices to explain an appraisal and the HVCC-related changes. I have to educate them on the new rules. Any tips or information you could give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you - Rene Seabourne

Thank you for the nice compliment Rene. You have the right idea about speaking to the real estate agents. Last year I spoke to the Realtors Association in Miami and had 64 participants. I did a three-hour talk on the 1004MC form and HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct). To draw attendance you first need a catchy title, such as "Myths and Misconceptions of Appraisals" or “How HVCC Affects your Business.” Something that sounds interesting. Even though HVCC will soon be history, many of the changes it wrought are here to stay. With the sunset of HVCC, Realtors would be interested in these changes. Be prepared to speak less and answer questions more: real estate agents ask plenty of questions. Also, bring plenty of business cards. If you are an effective speaker, you don't need to promote yourself, they will see it for themselves.

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