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To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

Editor’s Note: Here are a few helpful tips on how to facilitate the real estate purchase process, from appraisers to real estate agents/brokers (with love). Comments were gathered from an online thread.

To Agents with Love (from Appraisers)

  • The quality of our work improves when we have more information. The more information agents can give… Read More

Why Value is Not an Exact Number

Click to Read Current Issue >> Click to Print >> Am I a Working RE Subscriber? >> SEO-Enhanced Appraiser Websites                 Editor’s Note: Here is some food for thought from appraiser Dustin Harris. His suggestion makes sense from a valuation perspective and also might release some of the… Read More

Cutting Expenses as Business Slows

Editor’s Note: This story shows how to avoid inadvertently losing your E&O insurance coverage for past work and being left unprotected, should a claim arise; the consequences to your business and personal life could be disastrous. Cutting Expenses as Business Slows Why Canceling Your E&O Can Really Cost You! by David Brauner, Editor   As… Read More

Chase Denies Responsibility for Bankrupt AMC Debt

Editor’s Note: The bankruptcy earlier this year of the appraisal management company (AMC) ESA left millions in unpaid fees to appraisers, agents and brokers, who now are trying to collect from Chase, the bank who hired the AMC.  What happens will have far-reaching effects on the appraiser-AMC relationship and the industry. Chase Denies Responsibility for… Read More

Search Engine Success – How to Rise to the Top

Want more visits to your website? Then be more linkable. Here’s how search engines work. Spiders, also called crawlers or bots, crawl across the Web collecting keywords and links from web pages. Spiders navigate the Web using hypertext links the same way we do. Each time a spider finds hypertext on a page, it follows the… Read More