OREP/WRE – 2017 Fee Survey Results

2017 Fee Survey Results Please click on your state to download the Customary and Reasonable survey results. If the PDF for your state doesn’t open, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. This survey is sponsored by OREP – Helping Appraisers for over 15 years. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado… Read More

Reduce Headaches: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reduce Headaches: Customer Satisfaction Survey by Nick Gromicko, Founder of NACHI NACHI’s Customer Satisfaction Survey hits seven birds with one stone. 1.  It limits your liability. Often, a client who is dissatisfied will describe your services to his/her agent/Realtor (or worse, a judge) much differently than the truth. Procuring and maintaining a copy of this survey will bring them back… Read More

Appraiser Independence Survey Results Comments

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Below are comments from the appraiser independence survey, all comments are anonymous. >> Nothing has changed. When you don’t appraise per the contract value, even the AMC’s throw you under the bus without regard to USPAP. They seem to feel everyone in the process is an end-user, even the seller & their agents. >> Fees… Read More

HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results

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HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results Data collected from April 2010 through September, 2011. Since HVCC, you’ve seen appraisal quality in general: Worsen: 60.6% Stay about the same: 23.0% Unsure/don’t know: 11.4% Improve: 5.0% Your appraisal reports are more accurate, complete and free of outside influence today than before HVCC: Disagree: 71.9% Agree: 19.9%… Read More

Survey Results: Relocation Appraisals Trending Up

Survey Results: Relocation Appraisals Trending Up by Tina Lung, Vice President of Operations and Technology Worldwide ERC® According to a recent study and market trends reported by appraisers nationwide, now is a good time to move into relocation appraising. Appraisers coast to coast are reporting increased demand for relocation appraisals, which they attribute to higher… Read More