HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results



HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results

Data collected from April 2010 through September, 2011.

Since HVCC, you’ve seen appraisal quality in general:
Worsen: 60.6%
Stay about the same: 23.0%
Unsure/don’t know: 11.4%
Improve: 5.0%

Your appraisal reports are more accurate, complete and free of outside influence today than before HVCC:
Disagree: 71.9%
Agree: 19.9%
Unsure/Don’t Know: 8.2%

Since HVCC, you’ve seen the cost of appraisal services paid by consumers:

Increase: 63%
Decrease: 16%
Unsure/don’t know: 11.2%
Stay the Same: 9.8%

Low fees are the main criteria for your receiving appraisal assignments from AMCs:
Always/Often: 46.6%
Sometimes: 21.2%
Hardly ever/never: 13.8%
Don’t accept AMC work: 11.1%
Unsure/don’t know: 7.3%

You are experiencing less pressure today to alter your appraisal reports, for any reason, than you did before HVCC was implemented:
Disagree: 50.2%
Agree: 40.9%
Unsure/Don’t Know: 8.9%

You feel pressure from AMCs “to make a deal work”:
Hardly ever/never: 49.4%
Sometimes: 32.2%
Always/Often: 6.3%
Don’t accept AMC work: 9.3%
Unsure/don’t know: 2.8%

You have been “dropped” from an AMC roster for not meeting conditions placed on you that you felt were not in the best interests of an accurate appraisal:
Sometimes: 36.4%
Hardly ever/never: 22.8%
Unsure/don’t know: 18.8%
Always/Often: 13.4%
Don’t accept AMC work: 8.6%

You believe accurate and professionally prepared appraisals are vital to the health of the real estate industry/U.S. economy/home buyers/tax payers:
Agree: 99.4%
Disagree: 0.4%
Unsure/Don’t Know: 0.2%

You believe that delivering a consistently reliable appraisal product is dependent on being compensated “customary and reasonable fees” (CRFs):
Agree: 66.4%
Disagree: 26.5%
Unsure/don’t know: 7.1%

You are receiving what you consider to be “customary and reasonable fees” (CFRs) from AMCs for appraisal assignments:
Hardly ever/never: 56.2%
Sometimes: 25.8%
Don’t accept AMC work: 9.5%
Always/Often: 6.8%
Unsure/don’t know: 1.7%

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