HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results

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HVCC Talkback Survey One Year On Results Data collected from April 2010 through September, 2011. Since HVCC, you’ve seen appraisal quality in general: Worsen: 60.6% Stay about the same: 23.0% Unsure/don’t know: 11.4% Improve: 5.0% Your appraisal reports are more accurate, complete and free of outside influence today than before HVCC: Disagree: 71.9% Agree: 19.9%… Read More

Why I’m Leaving Residential Appraising

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Getting Out: Why I’m Leaving Residential Appraising A sometime contributor to WRE, appraiser Mike Read, sends us this letter: I used to love appraising. Long before there was any appraiser regulation my clients came to me for valuation opinions because of my years of experience in real estate and their recognition of my accurate and...… Read More

Appraiser Demographics: Who are You?

Editor’s Note: This survey, offered by Bradford Technologies, provides insight into residential appraiser demographics. Appraiser Demographics: Who are You? By Jeff Bradford, CEO, Bradford Technologies Who are you? That’s what we wanted to know. So as appraisers signed up for our free directory listing in AppraisalWorld, we asked them to take a survey. We’d like...… Read More

Industry News

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WRE Issues

Industry News HVCC Update- Seeing Light Regulators, lenders and the public are finally getting the message that all is not well with HVCC. Consider FHA’s recent mandate that appraiser fees be customary and reasonable and that there be a clear separation of appraiser and AMC fees (Page **). These requirements speak directly to appraisers’ complaints.… Read More