Appraiser Independence Survey Results

Appraiser Independence Survey Results

by David Brauner, Editor
We hear a lot of appraisers complain that illegal influence continues today despite new federal and state regulations designed to remove it from the process. This survey hopes to shine light on what some of you are experiencing. The results are mixed.

Over 1,000 appraisers participated in the survey; over 300 left additional comments to illustrate their points. The survey remains open if you’d like to participate. (To participate, visit the new and click Blogs/Surveys; Surveys; Appraiser Independence Survey.)

You will find the questions below, along with the responses by percentage (rounded). You can find the comments at, click Blogs/Surveys; Surveys; Appraiser Independence Comments. Many are thought-provoking and troubling. The following are representative of many.

“I have never been removed from a panel but I certainly see a decrease in business as soon as I am under the sales price. This happens with both appraiser management companies (AMCs) and lenders. There is never an explanation, just a sharp reduction in orders.”...

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