Appraiser: I’m No Home Inspector

Appraiser Tony Bamert, Bamert & Associates, Champaign, IL, feels he’s been asked to assume some new and unwanted responsibilities on recent appraisal orders and wonders if his are isolated concerns or issues other appraisers are grappling with as well. “Traditionally, with any conventional appraisal, I’m not asked to touch the mechanical systems in a home in… Read More

Customary and Reasonable Assignments

Editor’s Note: Andy Anderson looks around and ahead toward fixing a now broken appraisal profession. Customary and Reasonable Assignments By Andy Anderson The appraisal profession was not broken. Just like other professions, there were (and are) some bad actors, but appraising was not broken and should have been allowed to do its job correctly. That is not… Read More

HUD Approval Process Simplified

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HUD Approval Process Simplified On May 5, 2008, HUD dramatically simplified the application and approval process to become an FHA approved appraiser. The process can now be completed entirely online and there is no longer an exam. It is now easier than ever to become an FHA approved appraiser and fulfill FHA appraisal requests. FHA… Read More

FHA Links

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FHA Links – How to Become an FHA Appraiser (and check your status) – http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page? – HUD’s Client Information and Policy System (download various handbooks) – http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/hudclips/index.cfm – FHA Residential Appraisal Requirements – http://www.hud.gov/groups/appraisers.cfm Read More

FHA eBook and Checklist

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“Excellent material – will help me get to the next level – well worth the money! Thanks.” – J Joslin FHA Appraiser Inspection Checklist eBook by Lore DeAstra, MBA, MRICS, SRA, CDEI This popular guide, used successfully by thousands of appraisers includes information on FHA appraising, with explanations, pictures, hot tips, and links. Author Lore DeAstra,… Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Rights?

Editor’s Note: You’d be amazed all you don’t know regarding your rights as an appraiser. The following was gleaned from the webinar series: How to Limit Liability, Maintain Independence, and Fight Influence by Richard Hagar, SRA. How Well Do You Know Your Rights? By David Brauner, Editor Here are some questions for you- the answers...… Read More