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Going Mobile: Today’s Super Appraiser

Going Mobile: Today’s Super Appraiser By Matt Johnson Every ten years or so a new technology emerges that revolutionizes the appraisal and property inspection industries. The 80’s brought the fax machine.  The 90’s gave us digital cameras.  What would even the most old-school practitioners do without these tools today?  Appraisers and inspectors were some of...… Read More

Enhanced Appraisers Data / Seamless Delivery

Enhanced Appraisers Data/Seamless Delivery The Future is Now Flash Gordon, move over. Reality (and technology) have finally caught up with the visionary dreams of many appraisers: a high octane blend of public records and enhanced appraisers data that can be sorted, downloaded and integrated seamlessly into appraisal forms with just a few mouse clicks. The...… Read More

Appraisers: Doing the Bump

Appraisers: Doing the Bump “Bump Logic” and Why It’s in Your Future This is why you may be doing the “bump” in the near future, even if you don’t dance. “Bump Logic,” as explained at the recent Predictive Methods Conference (hosted by Veros Software), is the process of selecting the appropriate valuation method for a...… Read More