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Copyright Appraiser Takes on AVMs

Editor’s Note: Tim Vining, MAI is at it again. Vining is the appraiser who made national news by bringing the first appraisal copyright infringement lawsuit. The case settled in his favor. This time he is taking on AMVs. Read how and why below. “Right on to Tim Vining! Please let him know hard-working appraisers support him.” – Eve… Read More

Out-Competing AVMs

Editor’s Note:  Appraisers can combine their expertise with technology to compete and beat AVMs, according to appraiser and Zaio Chief Executive Officer Thomas Inserra, SRA. Read his thoughts below. Out-Competing AVMs by Thomas Inserra, SRA Appraisers don’t have to accept the continued loss of business to AVMs. They can compete for the business and win… Read More

Comp Checks: Learning to Live Without You

Editor’s Note: This story is one in a three-part series: Pressure: Dealing with It; Comp Checks: Learning to Live Without You and Getting Full Fees.  Find more at Comp Checks: Learning to Live Without You According to most appraisers, the only way to “move on” when it comes to comp checks is to make...… Read More

How to Make Six Figures Appraising (Part Two)

Editor’s Note: We received a number of comments on last issue’s cover story: How to Make Six Figures Appraising. One of the most “colorful” leads to this follow-up story (see Readers Respond). The comments were submitted by a fairly seasoned appraiser (four plus years) who is incredulous that anyone would pay a trainee six figures (who...… Read More

Reduce Headaches: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reduce Headaches: Customer Satisfaction Survey by Nick Gromicko, Founder of NACHI NACHI’s Customer Satisfaction Survey hits seven birds with one stone. 1.  It limits your liability. Often, a client who is dissatisfied will describe your services to his/her agent/Realtor (or worse, a judge) much differently than the truth. Procuring and maintaining a copy of this survey will bring them back...… Read More

Appraiser Wins “AMC-Agent” Judgment Against One-West Bank

Appraiser Wins “AMC-Agent” Judgment Against One-West Bank by Isaac Peck, Associate Editor The appraiser community is still reeling from the decision of a Florida bankruptcy judge to absolve JPMorgan Chase of all liability in the case of Evaluation Solutions/ES Appraisal Services (ESA) bankruptcy case. Over 10,000 real estate appraisers and agent/brokers were left unpaid by… Read More