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“My email account is changing and I don’t want to miss any editions, so please update this info. in your system. Thank you.”
– Niki Tippets Appraisal Services, Riverton, WY

WRE Online: Keep Current, Save Money
Now for Inspectors Too!

Appraisers and now inspectors can stay up-to-speed on industry news, marketing and business-related developments (free) with WRE Online- and enjoy special offers too!

Now in its seventh year of publication, over 45,000 appraisers (about half of you) receive WRE Online, enjoying one story every other week via email. The new Inspector Edition reaches about 18,000 inspectors once a month with stories uniquely targeted to inspectors.

“The email editions allow us to keep readers current between quarterly print issues,” said Cary Barker, Assistant Editor, WRE. “For instance, we did some very well-received reporting and analysis on the WAMU- eAppraiseIT indictment. Several other recent stories that come to mind also generated a positive response because they helped appraisers navigate this changing market: Moving to Appraisal Consulting, Get More Appraisal Jobs in Any Market and Turn and Face the 2008 Changes: Appraiser Qualifications/USPAP.

“The email edition keeps you current. We find that people still love holding a print magazine in their hands but in this day and age, you need both print and the Internet to provide a complete information service,” Barker said.

Learn what the other Half Knows (and Saves)
Appraisers and inspectors also receive regular “Special Editions” of WRE Online with offers from the most respected vendors in both industries. Readers saved money in the last few months on web design services, flood maps, reporting software for appraisers and inspectors, sketching software, a free online directory listing to boost business, and a discount on report covers. Readers also learned how to diversify into the growing niche of reverse mortgage appraising and discovered a reasonably-priced collection service for past due accounts. If you haven’t opted in you’re missing out on some great deals.

You can Opt in for either edition (or both), just mention which edition(s) you would like in the email. Both are free.

All the News that Doesn’t Fit (in Print)
“Many stories don’t make into the print edition,” said Editor David Brauner. “We post them online in our library. Occasionally we run them in the Online Edition. If you are not an OREP member or a paid subscriber to WRE then you don’t have access to our library/premium content, so the only way to read these stories is to review the Online Edition.”

“Some recent examples are coverage of the WAMU indictment, the 2008 changes to USPAP and Appraiser Qualifications and two great marketing stories about using the resources you have to grow business and to increase your bottom line by approaching your business as an appraisal consultant rather than a form-filler.”

“There were other stories about diversifying with relocation appraisals, damage control tips to cope with the aftermath of fraud, updates on important regulatory and legal issues, where to find foreclosure work, a ‘how to’ story on appraising in a declining market. In the last six months we’ve run stories as diverse as how to take a vacation to how to minimize your liability with a well-crafted Scope of Work,” Brauner said.

Join the other half of appraisers who don’t miss a thing. Know what the other half knows, opt it today. It’s fast, free and your information is not sold.

Emailing Policies
Both the appraiser and home inspector editions are free. Your email information is not sold or shared and opting out is as easy as one click. You can opt in at workingre.com/opt-in or email subscription@workingre.com with email edition in the subject (appraiser and/or inspector edition). Please send advertising inquires to: dbrauner@workingre.com.

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