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This six-part webinar series is provided to OREP Members for FREE. Step up your game and increase your appraisal skills. Click below to watch webinar series taught by renowned educator and veteran appraiser, Richard Hagar, SRA. Handout only available for Part 1 below (all other parts, no handouts are needed).

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1) ON DEMAND – Available Now  — Watch Today!
How to Determine Land Values, Even Where There Are No Sales

At the core of all real estate is… the land. While FNMA might not require it, the appraiser must know the value of the land and then how the improvements (house) add to that value. Appraisers often complain; how do I determine the value of the land when there are no sales? In this course, Hagar will show you several methods that will help. No matter where you work – the core of a major city or the farmland of Kansas this short Webinar will help.

Handout for Part 1: Click Here for Handout

2) ON DEMAND – Available Now — Watch Today!
Comparables: What to Use and What to Do When You Can’t Find Any

Many appraisers believe that the comparables used in the report must:
• Come from the subject’s neighborhood;
• Have sold in the past 6 months;
• Be the same style;
• Have square footage within 20% of the subject’s SF;
• Have a sales price within 20% of the subject’s sales price or the appraisal’s final value conclusion;
• Etc., etc.

All of these beliefs are wrong!! Locating “comparables” can be tough on any appraiser. In this one-hour course Hagar explains what can be used as well as where and how to look for comparables that will help you determine the market value of the subject- the first time.

3) ON DEMAND – Available Now — Watch Today!
The Value of the Cost Approach Counts (to Help You Earn Higher Fees)

While Fannie Mae might not require it and many appraisers avoid it – understanding the cost approach is beneficial to the appraiser. The cost approach can help you determine land value, quality, condition and square footage adjustments and help make the appraisal look better and more professional than just a filled out “form.” More thorough and professionally-completed appraisals command higher fees. In this one-hour course, Hagar explains the basics of the cost approach, how to obtain construction costs and how to earn higher fees at the same time.

4) ON DEMAND – Available Now — Watch Today!
Easy Ways to Determine Condition Adjustments

Determining condition adjustments can frustrate appraisers, however, there are at least 10 different methods you can use to determine condition adjustments. In this course Hagar demonstrates a few of the methods that will help appraisers. Prepare to enjoy a big sigh of relief when you see how easy two of these methods are and how they can help you produce superior appraisals that command higher fees.

5) ON DEMAND – Available Now — Watch Today!
How a Regression Analysis Can Help Determine Adjustments

A regression analysis is one way to determine adjustments; it’s not the only way. But it is an easy-to-use method that will help you produce more accurate adjustments and avoid problems with lenders. In this course Hagar helps you understand how to use Excel to calculate a regression analysis, what the formula indicates and how to measure the quality of its output. This is a perfect course for beginners and those who need a little more help with this method.

6) ON DEMAND – Available Now — Watch Today!
Fighting Pressure and Intimidation

This course gives the information you need to stand your ground and fight back against pressure and intimidation. And shows you where to turn for help.



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