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Inspectors-Appraisers: Line Blurring?

Editor’s Note: This story is reprinted for Working RE Online, Home Inspector’s Edition. To opt-in please email subscription@workingre.com with “Home Inspector’s Online Edition” in the subject. Inspectors-Appraisers: Line Blurring? by David Brauner, Editor In a recent Working RE story, Appraiser: I’m No Home Inspector (WorkingRE.com, Library, Issue 24), appraiser Tony Bamert says he is asked… Read More

Chinese Drywall: Understanding and Uncovering the Issue

Historically, the relocation industry has been challenged by such environmental issues as UFFI (urea formaldehyde foam insulation), asbestos, radon gas, synthetic stucco, and black mold. Currently, the industry is challenged economically by an oversupply of homes, decreasing home prices, a credit crisis, an unstable stock market, record foreclosures, and a global recession. What is next?… Read More

Three Minute Marketing

Editor’s Note: This following marketing advice works, according to appraisers and home inspectors. Appraisers Good advice is to go after clients who really need your services and who are truly depending on your work product. Create a professional image and work product: website, business cards. Pay attention to how you present yourself- create and polish a 30-second… Read More

OREP Announces New Home Inspector Insurance Program

Editor’s Note: Home Inspectors no longer have to pay more for the complete coverage they need.  A new program from OREP includes E&O and General Liability/Off-Premises Coverage, plus many other ancillary coverages inspectors need like termite, radon, drone, EIFS, commercial and much more! OREP Announces New Home Inspector Insurance Program Complete Coverage: New Lower Rates OREP-… Read More

E&O Insurance: Prices Drop Time to Shop

E&O Insurance: Prices Drop Time to Shop by David Brauner, Senior Insurance Broker at OREP.org Instead of the now familiar direction to “shop ‘till you drop,” current insurance conditions suggest instead that inspectors should shop because they’ve dropped. We’re talking about rates for errors and omissions insurance of course. The market has softened (prices dropped)… Read More