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WRE Issues

Industry News Heck No BPOs! Heavy on the minds of appraisers this year is losing work to broker price opinions (BPOs), despite that BPOs for anything other than a real estate listing is illegal in at least 24 states, according to a recent article in the Appraisal Institute’s (AI) weekly newsletter Appraiser News Online. According… Read More

Seamless FHA Roster Renewal

Seamless FHA Roster Renewal In a recent story (Industry Snapshot), WRE reports that FHA and the Appraisal Subcommittee are working together to create a seamless renewal process for appraisers on the FHA Roster. According to Donna Tomposki, Director of the Home Valuation Policy Division within FHA’s Office of Single Family Program Development, the system works… Read More

Appraisal & Identity Security Solution

Appraisal & Identity Security Solution by Stephen Nation, Executive Vice President of NATION Technologies, LLC Before the Internet and email, the appraisal business was largely a relationship-centered business conducted between appraisers and lenders or their agents. Relationships were primarily local and often conducted over a handshake. There was often a high level of confidence in knowing… Read More

Valuation Issues & Answers – Foreclosures & Short Sales as Comps

Editor’s Note: In this installment of Valuation Issues and Answers, Lifflander, ASA,explains how to handle foreclosures and short sales when choosing comparables. Valuation Issues & Answers Foreclosures & Short Sales as Comps By John Lifflander, ASA Question: Please explain the difference between an actual foreclosure sale and a short sale. Should short sales be used… Read More

Readers Respond

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WRE Issues

Readers Respond Editor’s Note: Check out OREP/WRE’s new HVCC Appraiser Talkback Blog and Survey for additional reader comments and to make yourself heard nationally on HVCC and other important industry issues. (Click Appraiser Talkback Blog.) Fannie’s 1004MC When I reviewed the “new” 1004MC for the first time I began to laugh in view of all… Read More

Appraiser Demographics: Who are You?

Editor’s Note: This survey, offered by Bradford Technologies, provides insight into residential appraiser demographics. Appraiser Demographics: Who are You? By Jeff Bradford, CEO, Bradford Technologies Who are you? That’s what we wanted to know. So as appraisers signed up for our free directory listing in AppraisalWorld, we asked them to take a survey. We’d like...… Read More

How to Increase Residential Appraisal Income

I decided to make the switch from appraising commercial properties back to residential properties in early 2008. To many this is appraisal suicide. However, the reason is simple- my wife became a state-registered trainee a few years ago, is serious about becoming Certified and needed my mentoring. Since her knowledge of commercial appraising is limited,… Read More